Repairs to village Crossman Park drains OK’d

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- On Monday night, the village council voted unanimously to go out for engineering bids for a repair to the Crossman Park drain. The flooding of Crossman Park and the neighboring residences has been a problem for months, and a resident spoke at the meeting about the issues it has caused in her own yard and shed.
“We all know we have to get this done,” said Mark Robinson, councilman.
The current drain flows into the Kearsley Creek, though the flooding in the park means there is a problem with the drain currently. To fix it, the village will be finding an engineering firm to replace what is currently there. In an effort to make the fix quicker, the village is looking to repair and not replace the entire drain with a new drain and route, as that would require more time, permits and approvals from the county and the Department of Environmental Quality.
The motion asked that the bids be back by the regular meeting of Feb. 24.

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