Residents eye

Atlas Twp. – Ridge Road residents approached the Atlas Township Board last week for more details regarding repairing the road.
If residents are willing to pay a special assessment to have the road paved, the township will contribute the equivalent of the cost of ditching and applying limestone to the road, approximately $50,000, said supervisor Paul Amman.
While Amman confirmed that Genesee County customarily contributes engineering costs, township officials warned residents not to expect to receive other funds from the county or state.
‘I’m not going to argue,? said Amman. ‘Get a petition together and we’ll look at it. We’ll put together an assessment district, as many ways as we legally can, and you can take your pick.?
Due to the poor condition of roads in Atlas Township, the board is also considering levying one mill for road improvement, Amman said. ‘If that happens we may have more latitude with the Genesee County Road Commission.?
One mill is the equivalent of $200 per year on a $200,000 home.