Ridge Road paving project meeting set for December

By David Fleet
Atlas Twp.-By a 7-0 vote on Monday night the township board of trustees postponed a public hearing following a petition from residents to pave about a half mile of Ridge Road, south of the Green Road intersection from where the pavement ends south to Lake Shore Bluffs.
“It’s all preliminary,” said Tere Onica, township supervisor, on Monday night regarding the paving plans. “This (upcoming meeting) is to establish a special assessment district for paving.”
Prior to Monday’s meeting, Onica had consulted with Eric Johnston, Genesee County Road Commission, director of engineering regarding the proposed Ridge Road project.

“They (GCRC) will attend the December board of trustees meeting to discuss the costs and for factual information (regarding the project).”
Onica emphasized that a mile of road paving costs about $1 million—the proposed Ridge Road project would therefore cost about $500,000 since it’s one half mile.
In addition, a drainage issue near the section of road near where the pavement ends would add to that costs. While there is no formal quote on the repairing the drainage issue which requires curb and gutter to mitigate the problem, costs are about $70,000, she added.
“Put that together the costs are about $575,000,” she said. “We’re looking at (an estimate of ) $10,000 apiece, that’s the target. Or $1,000 per year for a 10 year bond.”
The parcel count for the proposed special assessment district is about 56, however, it will depend on where the boundaries are established, she added.
“It’s the people that are going to be benefiting from that pavement,” she said.
We will have more information then before a setting a public meeting. The petition for the project will require 51 percent of the residents, the majority, that sign will decide whether to move forward with the paving.
“It’s going to be in discovery right now,” she added.
The first public hearing is called “the needs hearing,” said David Lattie, township attorney.
“We’d like to provide a cost estimate and a rough per share cost,” said Lattie. “There a few ways to allocate the cost in a road project, including liner frontage, the other way is no matter how big or small the property is one unit.”
Letters will be sent out with the scope of the costs,” he added.

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