Signs will remain

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville-During the Monday night meeting, the village council voted 5-0 to postpone the second 90 day review of two temporary signs until their June 28 meeting and allow the signs to remain as is until then.
“They still need to have some kind of a better, more permanent look and feel to the signs,” said councilmember Larry Hayden.
The signs in question are currently at the corners of M-15 and South Street and M-15 and Mill Street, directing public towards downtown Ortonville for shopping, dining, salons and more.
“What happened is, when the whole pandemic happened and everything got shut down, at one point some of the business owners went ahead and put signs up on the telephone pole, but they never went to the council for approval to put those up, and didn’t check to make sure that the signage was in compliance with any ordinances,” said Hayden.

Council agreed that they wanted the new village manager to be involved and wanted to postpone a decision on what to do for that reason.
“My perspective, I think that will give a chance that we will have the new village manager in place and he can be involved in that process also,” said Hayden.
The new village manager, Ryan Madis, is set to start on May 17. Members of the council have until the end of May to give the manager suggestions for possible permanent solutions so he has time to bring a proposal to council and involve the wayfinding committee if needed.

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