Songwriter, musician Nashville bound

By David Fleet
Septemberfest talent show judges got it right.
Brandon Township resident Emily Pyscher, first visited Septemberfest way back in 2014 as an 11-year old singer songwriter. She competed in the First Annual Talent Show that year and won the event after playing guitar and singing a song she composed. The winning streak at Septemberfest would continued for the next two years.
“It’s just so much fun,” said Pyscher, now 18 years old. “I’m never scared or nervous, rather just focus on having a good time with the crowd. My mom has been a strong supporter of me, it was never instilled in me to be afraid. I’m confident and write my own songs, but do some cover music too.”
Fast forward to 2019 and Emily was a performer at Septemberfest. She played a one hour set that consisted of covers as well as her own songs. She was scheduled to be a featured entertainer at 2020’s Septemberfest, but it was cancelled due to COVID.
The musical debuts grounded in Ortonville were just the beginning. She just returned from Nashville where she recorded two of her songs at Direct Image Studios.
Her passion for music and her grit and determination have her laser focused on her future as a musician.
“I cannot wait to continue to perform at venues locally, across Michigan, and back down in Nashville as things start to open up,” she said. “I give a shout out to downtown Ortonville in my music—it was a wonderful place to start.”
If you would like to hear Emily’s latest song ‘Different Bar’ go to any streaming platform or

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