GHS students growing at home

Dr. Rick Sweeney with a rose at the Goodrich Oaktree Greenhouse.

By David Fleet
A growing number of Goodrich students are still growing at home.
Despite the three month summer vacation extension due to the coronavirus Stay-at-home order, several Goodrich High School horticulture students are now continuing their studies with homemade greenhouses.
Dr. Rick Sweeney, a veteran GHS teacher of more than 30 years, coordinates the class which now enrolls about 70 students.
“Since the students left I’ve received about 100 text messages regarding home greenhouses,” said Sweeney. “Students are growing plants at home, creating their own plastic germination table and continuing their horticulture study.
The students learn how to nurture and grow plants promoting self sustainable gardens. They focus on ways to improve plants and ways of growing them, including techniques such as cutting. They also work with both annual and perennial flowering plants plus study the environment along with ecosystems. After graduation, the class will spark an opportunity for careers in agriculture, horticulture, botany, and just growing vegetable in family gardens.
“It was a hands on experience for students,” said Sweeney. “They see the plant as it grows and are excited about it. The community has rallied to get the project growing for the students. Goodrich has been great to me. It’s unbelievable what people have donated to get this project going.”

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