Students, birds, district welcome refurbished Oaktree Pavilion

By David Fleet
Goodrich-Scott Shellenbarger’s mantra is simple.
“I try to give back when I can in life,” said Shellenbarger, a school district resident. “As they say, ‘If you can’t do what you do, do what you can.’”
Earlier this month, Shellenbarger owner of Goodrich based-PCS Construction, LLC volunteered his time and some funds to refurbished the Oaktree Elementary School Pavilion.
“Track and Cross County Coach Warden, has his runners meet at the pavilion in the fall every day for practice,” said Shellenbarger. “They wanted to paint the State Cross Country Meet course on the concrete as a theme for the fall to remind them daily. When coach inquired to me on the type of paint to use, I couldn’t help but see how bad the pavilion was in needed of a complete repaint as well as the shed.”
The Pavilion and Water Pump shed was power washed and repainted to match the existing colors while the concrete floor and concrete supports received two coats of a medium gray color. The existing concrete supports due to age and freeze, thaw cycle were starting to crack so we repaired with an epoxy mortar grout that’s paintable within 24 hours. The project cost PCS approximately $1,000 in paint material and $3,200 in labor.
“Now the pavilion and shed should be in great shape without the school needing to do anything,” he said. “Once the cross country team determines the colors needed to paint the state course, I will be donating that as well as the sundries the kids need to paint with.”
Shellenbarger’s crew also rescued five swallow nests in the ceiling of the pavilion with babies in all of them.
“We worked around the nests and when it came time to do the floor with the bird droppings continually falling, we hung catch baskets below each one. Took a little outside the box thinking, but allowed us to finish the floor and keep the birds safe.”

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