Stupid COVID & social distancing

By Don Rush

If you step back and objectively look at it, this really has been a fascinating year. I think the word “unprecedented” is the one folks are bandying about. From the COVID crud, cramped economy, closed schools and cruddy politicians, even the weather has been crazy.
We had snow the other week, last week eight inches of rain caused Midland’s dams to burst and this week it’s almost 90 degrees.
It will be a year much written about in the years to come — so take notes, kids, when you’re old-timers your grandkids will have lots of questions.
* * *
Received a press release about what people think of social distancing, and the government the other day. I thought the findings were interesting. Well, read it for yourself and let me know what you think.
(Don), With stay-at-home orders ending and Michigan set to partially re-open for business, how do people feel about social distancing efforts and the response of public officials to combat COVID-19? In a new study, College Finance spoke to over 1,000 people to learn more.
Our findings include:
Nearly half of millennials feel their family members aren’t taking the pandemic seriously enough; baby boomers are the most likely to feel that public officials have done too much to handle COVID-19
Over half of Democrats feel people aren’t worried enough about COVID-19; nearly 4 in 10 Republicans feel people are too worried
72% of Democrats believe public officials haven’t done enough to handle the crisis, more than half of whom report deteriorating mental health since the outbreak
Republicans are more than twice as likely as Democrats to believe that public officials have done too much in response to the crisis.
If you want to check out the study, go to this website,

* * *
Yup, our gov, Big Gretch is opening up the state’s economy a little more this week. She lessened restrictions on social gatherings (we can now gather in groups up to 10, woo-hoo!) and gave a green light to retail, medical, dental, automotive facilities can open.
That being said . . .
What businesses are open ?
It has been a tough two months for small businesses since the state was shut down after the COVID-19 stay home stay safe executive orders. Slowly, the Michigan governor is allowing some businesses to open. Just opening, however, isn’t enough. You have to let people know you are up and running and ready for customers’ business. We want to be a part of our business community coming back stronger, sooner rather than later.
Write us a paragraph include your biz name, how you’re open, hours, address, website and email it to
We will start posting these as we get them from the business community, to let folks know. Visitors to our newspaper websites can click on the button which reads, “We Are Open!” to read general business news as well as find out what businesses are open (only if they contact us–business owners it is incumbent upon you to write us!)
We are not charging for this. We believe we can be a part of the solution to help small businesses like ours not just survive, we want all of us to thrive.  So, to our business partners . . . Ready, set . . . and .. . go!
* * *
From ye olde mailbox:
Don, I enjoyed your article in The Citizen. It is good to have it back. I missed reading the paper.
You asked people to get back with you and tell you what they been doing. I have been unable to work with Healing Touch clients in my office. Healing Touch is non local. It can be done at a distance. I have done some distance healing in the past.
Recently, I have been working more with people at a distance. I call them at a preset time, discuss how they are doing and ask what they would like from the session. We hang up the phone, they find a comfortable place to relax and focus on being open to the energy work. Afterwards . . . clients are reporting improved lessening of stress levels and a decrease pain. People with breathing issues have reported being able to breathe easier. The results depend on the issues the person is having. I call them later to discuss how they are feeling. It is rewarding to be able to help people. Often they are making follow up appointments, so that makes me feel they find it beneficial. Janet Tait, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor
* * *
Driving during this whole COVID-19 thing, was pretty awesome — there was hardly anyone on the roads except me. I guess I got kinda’ spoiled having the roads to myself. I know. First world problems.
* * *
Hey, I have a question. Why do people drive with a mask covering their mouths and noses — especially when they are the only person in their cars? Anybody got a legit answer?
Thanks for reading, stay cool and keep in touch, email

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