The Blog thing takes off, read more

A few weeks ago I started a pseudo blog thing. A place where I can leave thoughts (some not good for a family newspaper) and folks can leave their thoughts.
Well, here are some of those comments from people. If you’d like to leave your two cents worth go to and to the left, you’ll see a listing for Blog Don Rush. Click on that and let ’em rip!
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Love This Blog
I love reading your blog. It is fun to see if you make more grammatical errors in your weekly column or the blog. The Shermans should call the cops because you are stealing money, tons of fun.
Thanks Phil — you’re a swell pal. Remind me not to send you a Christmas card.
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I really enjoy your column because I am sure you are just a normal guy like me. By the way, I am 39 years old and have been at General Motors for 40 years. (Yup, I am trying for a section 8) Please keep your writing as real as it has been.
Uhmm? SE, uhmm? Thanks for reading. It’s good to see somebody else is as good at math as I am.
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When I introduced the blog, I asked if anybody had any ideas on public education. A reader, RS, answered. For today’s column, I’ve taken away RS’s school (but it’s still there on-line). Take it away, RS.
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Fixing Public Schools
I just read your most recent article and you asked to post a blog entry about what needs to be done to fix public schools, the odd part is I was just thinking about this.
I think there is no motivation to go to school and do well anymore. I don’t know if it’s been like this forever or not, but most teachers are degrading towards their students. I’m an all-A student and I still find teachers trying to put me and other students down at any opportunity. It’s really annoying and I think they must think that if they put us down or ‘scare? us, we’ll do our work or something ? when all it really does is make us not want to do anything.
Second thing, I’m a (BLANK) High School student and I truly think athletics has gotten out of hand. I am a ‘student athlete? and I love playing my sports, but I think they put a lot of pressure on students who aren’t athletes and the students who are athletes, it’s true ? we get a break. I’m not sure why ? but we do. You could break the same rule as someone else ? but if you were on the State Champion Cross Country Team and they weren’t, you’re off the hook and they end up suspended for a few days.
Either way, there’s a lot that needs to be fixed with our schools these days, budget cuts only being one of the many. Whether they will be fixed or not before I graduate, I have no clue.
To which I, your hero, answered: ‘Question to you, student-athlete-a-student: what do the kids think? What do your parents think? Why is there a division? Why, why, why?? RS responded this way.
I thought and thought about why there is such division, but I couldn’t pinpoint it.
The parents of the athletes, they probably don’t even know it exists. The other parents, those are the ones that take it to the principal or other school officials during times such as Spirit Week when the dress code gets ‘thrown out the window.? Yet no other parent cares except that special parent who gets lucky enough to come to the school on those days and is probably already there to discuss something else on their mind.
An athlete’s parent, MIGHT complain, but their student is a lot more likely to be one of the ones disregarding the rules because they know no one really cares what they do, as long as they’re healthy enough to throw a football.
Most kids aren’t happy with it, we had a big discussion about it on one of the last days of school in one of my classes before the teacher insisted a healthy argument was off-topic and sent the ‘non-athlete? kid to the hall, while the rowdy athletes just got told to sit down.
I don’t understand why there’s a division and the funny part is, the teachers who seem to enforce it the most, aren’t even supporting us at our State Playoff football games. Thanks for reading.
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