‘This is where I wanted to be’

By David Fleet
Groveland Twp.- For five consecutive elections spanning 18 years, Township Clerk Pam Mazich was reelected to her office. IMG_1836
“I had no opposition either,” laughed Mazich. “No one wants the clerk’s job.”
On Oct. 1, a stellar career of public service with the township of more than 30 years will end.
On Monday night Mazich announced her retirement during the township board of trustees meeting,
In May 1988, Mazich was hired as deputy clerk working with then township clerk Beth Steele.
“My first day at work Beth took me to the Oakland County Clerk’s luncheon,” she said. “I remember the impact of that gathering on me—all the clerks, women of all ages, I was so overwhelmed that I could be a part of that group. I knew at that moment I could not leave this job. I knew exactly where I wanted to be—in my community working in local government, I could be here for my family, for my residents, I did not want to be anywhere else. What ever they wanted me to do, this is where I wanted to be.”
A Royal Oak native, Pam and husband of more than 50 years Nick settled in the township in 1977. Mazich served as deputy clerk from May 1988 to Dec. 31, 1999. Mazich was appointed clerk Jan. 1, 2000 following the retirement of Beth Steele.
“There’s no doubt 9/11 had a tremendous impact on communities,” she said. “That day America was falling apart before our eyes. The fear they came in trying to take away our freedom and rights. It impacted on small town America. It was so sad.”
Mazich said she’ll miss her daily conversations with long time Township Supervisor Bob DePalma.
“Our board has clicked over the years because we work for the people’s agenda,” she said. “Not our agenda. We are very fiscally responsible. We don’t promise to anything that we can’t give them. We’ve been tremendous stewards to our residents taxes. We did not always bend to everything.

We always looked at it as, ‘What are we giving back to our residents in return?’”
After more than three decades, Mazich’s zest for a job where she’s served in a host of positions including secretary to the board of trustees, planning commission, zoning board of appeals along with accounts payable, building department and elections continues.
“I could not have asked for a better career,” she said. “To serve all these wonderful residents, to know you can make a difference; to know you can help do something good everyday you come to work. These decisions impact people’s lives. I could not have asked to work with better people.”
Current Township Deputy Clerk Patricia Back has been recommended to step in for Mazich. Carrie Allen has also been recommended as the new deputy clerk.
At 7 p.m., Sept. 26 a special township board meeting has been set to appoint an interim clerk. However, the position will remain open until 4 p.m., Sept. 24 for township residents to submit a resume for the clerk’s position.