Township board OKs Seymour Lake special assessment district

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- During the regular Monday night meeting, the township board approved the special assessment district for Seymour Lake.
“The last board meeting, we took action to go ahead with the special assessment district for Seymour Lake, and so that’s why we had the public hearing today,” said Clerk Roselyn Blair. “The contract is up in 2021, so Seymour Lake Homeowner’s Association is looking to renew their contract.”
Part of the renewed SAD included a carry-forward amount from the past SAD for lake maintenance.
“They do have a surplus that they are looking to bring over for this project,” she said. “Not to exceed $30,000. The contract for the treatment would be from 2022 to 2026, and would be roughly around $11,000 a year for the project.”
While homeowners in the Seymour Lake Homeowners Association have until May 3 to support or oppose this, neither the president of the HOA or Blair have had anyone come forward to oppose the SAD.
“I did not receive any letters from people who are opposed to it,” she said. “I know last time there were two people who were opposed to it.”
The vote to approve this was unanimous. Homeowners in SLHOA have until May 3 to voice opposition to the SAD.

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