Two suspects arrested in counterfeit case

By David Fleet
Brandon Twp.- On May 1, Brandon deputies arrested two individuals in the 4300 of Wildwood Loop in connection with a home invasion and possession of 28 counterfeit $100 bills. Arrested were a 27-year-old white female and a 29-year old-white male who both confessed to passing counterfeit money in Brandon and Independence townships. At press time the suspects were lodged in the Oakland County Jail with arraignment on Thursday.
The arrests followed two recent reports of counterfeit money exchanged in the area.
On April 25, Brandon deputies were dispatched to an Ortonville Road eatery for a counterfeit $100 bill. Upon arrival the deputy met with store employees who reported that about 6:15 p.m. he received a telephone order from a female at the Wildwood Loop location in the township. It was the first time someone at that addressed had ordered from the eatery, reported the employee. The pizza was delivered and the driver was paid with a $100 bill. The driver gave change and she in return provided a $5 tip.

The driver said the suspect did not seem nervous or hesitant to issue the bill. He did not suspect the bill was counterfeit until returning to the store.
Two days later on April 27, Brandon deputies responded to the same township residence after a food delivery driver received a $100 bill to pay for a $20.56 order. The suspect gave $79.49 in change. When he returned to the restaurant, he noticed that the bill was counterfeit. This occurred at about 6 p.m. After the business closed, the driver returned to the address and called the sheriff’s office to file a complaint. The deputy went to the door but it did not appear that anyone was there and no one answered the door.
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander Lieutenant Greg Glover stated residents and business owners are not immune from counterfeit activity locally.
“We’ve had several incidents recently of counterfeit money passed,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander Lt. Greg Glover. “It’s random and there has been higher denominations of cash reported within the last few months. If you’re suspicious, have the bill checked out at a financial institution. Also, anyone that receives large bills to pay for items that are much less costly should be cautious. Also, business should also be checking all large bills.”
Another report of fake bills passed to area businesses occurred earlier this year.
On Jan. 11, Brandon deputies responded to an Ortonville Road village business for possession of counterfeited money. When deputies arrived the business clerk said that a 71-year-old male presented her with two $100 bills. Upon testing the bills with a tester pen, one bill showed as counterfeit. The male appeared surprised. The clerk contacted the sheriff office to check the bill. The man informed the deputy that he had received $1,000 from an Oxford bank on Jan. 10, 2018. He then attempted to pass two of the bills in the village. The bill was transported to a local financial institution where it was verified as counterfeit.
The man was given the report number and was instructed to take the remainder of the $100 bills he was given, back to the bank to be checked. The deputy logged the counterfeit bill in property.