Twp. planners eye outdoor rec

By David Fleet
Atlas Twp.-At 7 p.m., June 20, the township planning commission will host a public hearing to discuss the possible rezoning of 80 acres at 8164 Perry Road from Residential Suburban Agricultural to Outdoor Recreation Area.
The rezoning idea was first presented under public comment by a representative of R5 Farms on March 21, to create a recreation area for cricket, soccer and baseball fields. In addition, the applicant also included fishing ponds, zip lines, go carts, restrooms, picnic areas and entertainment stages. Then on April 17, application was made to the township planning commission for the public hearing and further discussion.
“The purposed concept is open ended,” said Rick Misek, planning commission chairman. “We have to look at the request in light of the township master plan. The most important concern is the impact of any potential use under the requested zoning. Traffic, noise and other factors such as visual impact are also key in any new development under consideration.”
Misek said many factors regarding the zoning change must be examined.
“Keep in mind that once you rezone the property any legal use is a possibility,” he said. “The owners could sell the property to someone else. It’s just very wide open we do not have very much regulation in that type of zoning.”
Represenitves from Wade Trim Associates, Professional Community Planning Services will issue a report.