Village Council hatching new chicken ordinace

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- During the regular meeting on Monday night, the village council voted unanimously to approve changes to the ordinance regarding chicken ownership.
The updated ordinance would allow a maximum of eight hen chickens on lots up to .5 acres. For lots in the village over .5 acres, an additional hen chicken is permitted for each 4,400 square feet of property over .5 acres, allowing a maximum of 12 chickens.
Also, 400 square feet maximum is allowed for a coop and enclosure, and the coop must be 25 feet from any dwelling.
The previous ordinance allowed a maximum of four hen chickens, and a coop had to be 100 feet from any dwelling.
“The biggest complaint was not that people had chickens, but that they were roaming around,” said Larry Hayden, councilmember.
Chickens still have to be contained on the owner’s property and not at large. Also, structures will still have to be inspected and up to code.
“Many places will not sell just four,” said councilmember Melanie Nivelt. “They just won’t do it because so many die, some are roosters, they do it usually in 8 or more. It’s very difficult to find a place that will sell you four.”
Chickens in the village are still not permitted to be used commercially.

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