Village council OKs Mill Pond weed spraying

By David Fleet
Goodrich-On April 12 the village council voted 3-2 to spray the mill pond for weeds. Doug McAbee, council president and Moore voted no.
The council approved $4,175 to treat the mill pond up to two times in the 2021 season for higher aquatics and algae. In addition, a fee of $400 was approved for the State of Michigan. The first treatment, by Swartz Creek based Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control, Inc. will be done sometime in late May early June depending on plant growth and weather. If the second treatment is needed the cost will be $3,475.
Keith Walworth, council president pro-tem said bids for mill pond weed control were sought prior to the vote.
“We tried to get some quotes for this year but no one got in touch with us,” said Walworth. “It’s not a good time to asking for bids, right now is their busy times.”

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