Village opts to purchase tax reverted property

By David Fleet
On Monday night the village council voted 3-1 to purchase 5.4 acres of property in the village that was tax reverted from Genesee County. Council member Sherry Moore voted no and Council member Wendy Ciaramitaro was absent from the meeting.
According to the Genesee County Office of the Treasurer, the 5.40 acres is located north of East Hegel Road just East of M-15 and borders Fairview subdivision. No taxes were paid on the property from the Madison Heights based D&J Investment properties from 2017-2020. The total amount owed was $4,918 with $2,186 interest and fees for a total cost to the village of $7,104.
All parcels foreclosed by a county treasurer’s office are available to be purchased by the State of Michigan, city, village, township or county in which they are located. The acquisition must be made prior to the foreclosed parcels being taken to public auction.
Keith Walworth, council president pro-tem supported the purchase and questioned the possible future of the property.
“Can we purchase that property and then sell the property for a profit Walworth,” said “Or are we not allowed to make a profit on it?”
The vote included an seeking the opinion of the village attorney to provide information regarding the possible future sale of the property.
Regardless of the profit it’s a sizable piece of property for the village they would get a very huge discount considering the value of that property, added Walworth.
“To get five and a half acres for around $7,000 is a good deal,” he said. “Not that we are going to do anything with it, we might not do anything with it for 20 years.”

The property had some history in village.
In 2017, the vacant property was considered to be rezoned from Low Density Residential to a Residential Planned Unit Development.
If approved, the Goodrich Haven Senior Living complex, a single senior housing building with 62 units, would have been built on the property. The complex was for low-income seniors under the guidelines of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. However, the planning commission denied the rezoning thus dumping the project.
“I think it’s a great piece of property,” said Melissa Schluentz, council member. “Even if we don’t make a profit on it we still have it. We have five acres here.”

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