‘Voice of the Martians’ honored Friday night’

By David Fleet
Goodrich-On Friday night the football lights were on.
On May 29, the Goodrich Football program honored long time school district teacher and coach Bill Duso with a special tribute at Roy U Stacey Athletic Stadium. From 9 to 10 p.m., the game field lights where on and scoreboard set at 70 minutes to honor his age of death. The clock counted down as more than 50 vehicles of fans, students and family drove past.
Duso, who served 37 years in the school district passed away May 7, 2020.
“Bill was a big part of the Martian football program,” said Tom Alward, Martian Head Football coach for the past 28 seasons. “He always added his own style and was famous among fans. He was an outstanding man and we appreciate all he did for the district. Last fall it was noticeable he was not in the stadium at game time.”
Duso served 17 of his years at the middle school, teaching social studies, geography, U.S. history and English. He worked the next 20 years teaching English in the high school, whether it be to freshmen or advanced placement students. When not in the classroom, Duso was also a Goodrich football coach, baseball coach, and community service member. He was the “Voice of the Martians” at Goodrich Football games from 2003-2018. As part of the tribute on Friday night, the 2018 Goodrich vs. Powers Football game, called by Duso was replayed over the public address system.
“It was amazing to hear Bill’s voice once again,” said Alward. “He was such an icon for so many years. “Bill would often comment, people in the village could hear him during the game play by play. Well, they could hear him one last time on Friday night.”

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