Waste hauler closes, leaves area customers without service

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Oxford-based Odd Job Disposal has gone out of business, leaving many residents shocked and without a waste hauler.
“I knew when my garbage didn’t get picked up,” said Brandon resident Sylvia Runyon, who has had Odd Job for almost 40 years. “I called the next day and it was a message that was saying they were no longer in business.”
With no notice to customers like Runyon, trash is piling up.
“They were punctual, they picked up all the stuff, but if they had just given us notice,” said Runyon. “That was just a bad business thing to do.”
Issues with Odd Jobs began back in March when Orion Township dropped them as a waste hauler due to residential complaints about not picking up garbage and not answering calls or emails, costing them more than 5,000 customers. Holly based Community Disposal Service confirmed on their facebook page that Odd Jobs had contacted them to see if they were interested in taking their customers over, and in the last two weeks, CDS has taken on over 1,000 new customers and is currently not taking any more.

CDS has taken on over 1000 new customers and is currently not taking any more.
“Residents can call Advanced Disposal or Green for Life,” said Brandon Supervisor Kathy Thurman. “Waste Management and Community Disposal told me they aren’t taking more customers at this time.”
CDS posted on their Facebook post that they will notify the public, via Facebook, when they are again taking new customers, and that the flood of new customers should not affect the pick up days of 99 percent of their customers, and those affected will be notified.
Anyone looking to contact Advanced Disposal can call 248-625-5470. Those wanting to contact Green For Life Environmental can call 1-844-464-3587.
Bob DePalma, Groveland Township supervisor reported no issues regarding Odd Jobs garbage haulers were reported. However, during Monday’s Groveland Township Board of Trustees meeting a single waste hauler was discussed.
“Most of haulers we have out here (in Groveland) if we were to do a single hauler out here, the possibility is there the waste removal fee would be less, and reduce the truck traffic on the road,” he said. “However, individually Groveland is just too small to get any kind of discount. There’s just not enough homes here to do it. If there is any hope of getting a better rate we are going to have to tag on to someone like Orion or Brandon with the same hauler to get a quantity discount.”

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