By Don Rush

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and write a Don’t Rush Me column. I penned the last on Monday, March 31 — a couple of days after I was officially laid off from work. Forty-one days.
This was basically the first time in my life in which I wasn’t working … well not in my life, but at least from the seventh grade when I started subbing on a newspaper route. I didn’t fare well. I didn’t adjust. Sorta’ like that line from a Frank Sinatra song, I rolled myself up in a big ball and died (inside).
Stupid coronavirus.
Stupid COVID-19.
I hope you all were more productive than, I, your not worthy hero. What did I do on my COVID vacation? Not a whole hell of a lot. One thing I didn’t do all of April, 2020 is tie my sneakers. For over 30 days I just tucked the laces in under my feet and went.
I didn’t go to the big box stores — didn’t trust them to be able to keep up with cleaning. I did do short grocery shopping trips to Bueche’s and Neiman’s family markets.
I didn’t do many home improvement projects at Casa D’Rush. But, I did vacuum once and did manage to put pants on long enough to cut the grass — once. I did have plenty of “No Pants” Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. As not to feel like to much of a bum, I always made sure to wear pants on Fridays to walk out to the mailbox.
Bathing, optional. At least once a week.
I did not take the garbage out once in April — I don’t produce much garbage. I will this week though, because I have two bags to pitch.
Since our governor Big Gretch shut down the mitten (including barbers) on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, I did shave my long, luxurious (though gray) locks down to the skull. The next day, I received pictures from my sons Shamus and Sean, they had done the same thing as their old man. I guess great minds think alike, or just in solidarity with their dear, old dad.

Bald Sean
Bald Shamus
Bald Don

I am saving a ton of soap by not washing my hair that’s not there. This makes me happy, as the boys always did call me the cheapest dad in town. (Side note: in four weeks, my hair has grown back a little — a smidge over a quarter inch. I’ve taken to rubbing my head in an effort to invigorate the hair follicles into growing faster.)
I did manage to whittle down a branch I found last year into a walking stick. It looks kinda’ cool. And, I did go for one hike in the woods. Saw, relatively up close and personal, a red-tailed hawk while in the woods. Must have been injured or protecting a nest — don’t know.
With the help of some local fellers, we fixed the carburetors on my 1986 Sears Craftsman tiller and a MTD 5 horse power wood chipper. We felled three scrub trees behind my garden. The garden was tilled twice — but I still have a backyard of branches that need chipping and shredding.

Was fortunate enough to spend about five minutes one day watching an aerial dog fight between a red-tailed hawk and bald eagle. Well, it wasn’t really a fight. The hawk was dive bombing the eagle, who was lazily just flying in circles overhead.
I did manage to gain seven of the 10 pounds I lost just before April. So, I have that going for me.
And, that’s about it. I didn’t do much during my COVID vacation. I didn’t read a book. I didn’t write a book, though I did listen to about four audio books.
I’m glad to be working again. What did you do? Drop me a line to

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