Zoning Ok’d for BFI, new sports complex

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- On Monday night, the village board approved the rezoning of the parcel 03-18-102-006 at 300 South St., formerly known as Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School, from public to commercial in a 6-0 vote. Council member Pat George abstained from the vote.
“It’s going to be a sports facility, basketball tournaments, dance recitals, soccer fields. We’re using the building as it stands existing, we’re not making any alterations to it at this point in time,” said director of BLB Enterprises LLC Pam Patterson. “We’re working on it currently, cleaning and painting, and our next step is to have our building inspection, and hopefully we can pass that with flying colors and proceed. I’m hoping most of everything will be allowed as is.”

The building was sold to BLB enterprises in January of 2018, and though slower than originally anticipated, is on track to get approval and open.
“At this point, we can’t do anything with the building because it’s zoned public, which means it’s owned and used for schools and libraries, so our first step is getting our zoning changed and then we can start our process getting our business open,” said Patterson.
The facility is still not named, but when it is decided it will be proposed to the village before any signs go up.
“The initial step of this is to change the zoning, what they choose to do with it is currently a commercial sports center, if anything is to change, they then have to come back through,” said council president Tonja Brice. “So this is just the first step, before we get to all of the future steps.”

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