Sashabaw Road project will cost more

Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.-The Sashabaw Road paving project has gone up in price.
The project, originally estimated to cost $2 million, is now estimated to cost $2.9 million. The project can be covered 80 percent, up to $2 million, by federal dollars. The remainder of the cost would be split between the township and the Road Commission for Oakland County.
“That gets split 50/50 between the township and the road commission,” said Township Supervisor Kathy Thurman. “They can ask the feds if they have any additional funding, if there’s other funding for other projects that don’t get used this year, we can use some of that, which will make our portion less that we owe.”
The project would pave a mile of Sashabaw Road between Sherwood and Granger roads. The official bids won’t be available until May, so a definite cost is not available. The cost to the township would be around $450,000 if no extra federal funding is available.
“They are sending this out for bid, they don’t know the exact amount even now,” said Thurman. “After it goes out for bid, we’ll have a more concrete amount that it’s going to cost.”
Most of the money was allocated through Tri-Party funds, but additional spending from the Metro Authority funds was approved unanimously by the board, as well as spending $20,000 from Road Repairs fund for the RCOC gravel projects. Work on Sashabaw Road has already begun, according to citizens at the meeting.

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