Thoughts of spring

Thoughts of spring

A frosty beaked robin contemplates a late February snow in Brandon Township. Contrary to common belief robins are not the first bird of spring. Many winter right here in Oakland County. Photo by Jonathon Schechter, Brandon resident and Oakland County nature writer.

Technology gap sparking vaccine appointment issues for seniors

By David Fleet Editor Brandon Twp.- The race for the COVID-19 vaccination is now heating up—but one sector of the community may be lagging just behind. In Oakland county, sign-ups are ramping up with more than 500,000 already on a variety of lists at several facilities. When it comes to scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination often […]

Village council opts for two monthly meetings

By Shelby Stewart Staff Writer Ortonville-During the regular meeting Monday night, the village council voted 5-1 to hold two regular meetings a month temporarily until they are able to catch up on the agenda items. The proposed dates would be the second and fourth Mondays of every month. Village president Tonja Brice voted against the […]

Dog days of winter

Dog days of winter

Stella dives into about a foot of fresh snow on Tuesday morning in Goodrich as Jim and Zoey Smith watch. The snow was followed by negative temperatures overnight. A slight moderation in the cold is expected for southeastern Michigan for the weekend. Photo by Patrick McAbee.

COVID vaccination distribution challenged

By David Fleet Editor An area lawmaker said, “no thank you” when offered the COVID-19 vaccine. State Rep. Mike Mueller vowed to make sure all his constituents have access to a vaccine before he himself considers getting one. “I hear from people in our communities each and every day who are desperately trying to get […]

‘It’s quite the anomaly’

By David Fleet Editor On Wednesday morning Dustin Scriven had a little bit of home in his front yard. The Ortonville native, now living in College Station Texas, about 100 miles north of Houston, was in the eye of a winter storm that, according to the Associated Press, delivered hardship to parts of Texas, Arkansas […]

School district enrollments up following Student Count Day

By Shelby Stewart Staff Writer Each year the second Wednesday of February is student Count Day statewide. The day is key since the count determines just how much funding a district is getting based on the number of students they have enrolled. In a “normal” school year, 90 percent of the October count is added […]

Foreclosure moratorium extended

By Shelby Stewart Staff Writer Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner is continuing the 2020 property tax foreclosure moratorium for 2021. In 2020, Oakland County had 2,494 properties that were withheld from tax foreclosure, 30 of those in Brandon Township and five in Groveland Township. For 2021, 2,616 parcels are being withheld, 35 in Brandon and […]

The art of Valentine’s Day

The art of Valentine’s Day

Pre kindergarten students, Ani and Lawson create Valentine’s Day bracelets for their families at Reid Elementary on Wednesday. Photo by Patrick McAbee.

Brandon interim superintendent contract extended

By Shelby Stewart Staff Writer At the regular meeting Monday night, the Brandon Board of Education voted unanimously to extend the contract for interim superintendent Dr. Karl Heidrich. The previous contract was set to expire June 30, 2021, and the board extended it until June 30, 2022. “We are fortunate,” said board president Lisa Kavalhuna. […]

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