Letters to the Editor May 8, 2021

Government control Dear Editor, We continually hear about restrictions on individuals if they have not received a Covid-19 vaccine shot. What about people who have had Covid- 19, have been tested, and have antibodies? These people have immunity but are discriminated against even though they are immune. If, and when, vaccine passports are counterfeited, will […]

Letters to the Editor April 24, 2021

Rocking n Raking Dear Editor, A big thank you is in order for the family who rocked and raked my property on April 17. They made everything look cared for, despite the pandemic. It’s such a generous gift to a senior like me, who finds rocking and raking difficult. Spring is here, and I’m enjoying […]

Letters to the Editor April 10, 2021

Cemetery grounds look great (In response to, “Ortonville Cemetery clean up April 1,” The Citizen, March 6, page 4) Dear Editor, Can you please print one more letter about the Ortonville Cemetery? I have friends and relatives interred there and have never seen the grounds look so good, as they do now. Just want to […]

Letters to the Editor March 20, 2021

Thank you Dear Editor, On behalf of Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance and our entire community we would like to thank the Brandon School administration and staff for your dedication to the welfare of your students. Your persistent hard work and research allowed our school system to be one of few to remain open during this […]

Letters to the Editor March 13, 2021

(In response to Ortonville Cemetery clean up April 1, The Citizen March 6, page 4) Family plots Dear Editor, In regards to the spring cleanup at the Ortonville Cemetery. I clean up my husband’s plot and my in-laws during the spring as well as the fall in the Ortonville Cemetery. My husband always has honored […]

Letters to the Editor Feb. 27, 2021

(In response to “Real battles,” a letter by Leslie Cummings, The Ctizen, Feb. 20) Mature democratic leadership Dear Editor, I apologize if I came across like an expert on executive orders. I certainly am not. I asked Mr. Google and he assisted me. My goal was to remind us how our country was originally set […]

Letters to the Editor Feb. 20, 2021

(In response to “A desire for unity,” a letter by Jerry Boritzki, The Citizen, Feb. 13, page 7) Real battles Dear Mr. Boritzki, You bring up how many Executive Orders were given by the 1st 6 Presidents. Did you purposely skip the Executive Orders given by the last 6 Presidents? Let’s look at those totals. […]

Letters to the Editor Feb. 13, 2021

(In response to ‘OCSO:‘Nothing of criminal nature,’ The Citizen, Feb. 6, page 5) Cart before the horse Dear Editor, Do I understand this correctly? Last July 1st, Groveland Township authorized $25,000 of taxpayer money to investigate the veracity of an anonymous letter disparaging its Fire Chief Kevin Mason. The contents and allegations of that letter […]

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 6, 2021

Change Dear Editor, Change can be exciting or intimidating, but change is inevitable. Change continues for our Village government even after the November elections. One Council member stepped down, and we are excited to welcome the experienced Kay Green to fill that seat. Unexpectedly, the community lost an icon, Mr. Ron Sutton, leaving a hole […]

Letters to the editor Jan. 30, 2021

Capitol riot reactions Dear Editor, As our community grapples with the riots that occurred at the Capitol in Washington D.C. and the ongoing impeachment trial of Donald Trump, it is interesting to see what was said after similar events in our history. After the 2021 riots in Wash D.C., Donald Trump said, “The demonstrators who […]

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