Letters to the Editor August 7, 2021

Get the shot Dear Editor, Many people continue to have concerns and issues regarding the COVID-19 vaccines even with the overwhelming evidence that they are safe and effective. Last week my 70-year-old cousin, Sherrill Corbin, died of the coronavirus after just a short illness. He lasted about 24 hours on a ventilator. Sherrill lived in […]

Letters to the Editor July 31, 2021

Wonderful photos Dear Editor, I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed seeing the wonderful photo’s from Jonathan in The Citizen newspaper! From flowers to birds they are such wonderful pics. I’ve found myself looking for his photo’s when we receive The Citizen paper. I wasn’t sure where to send this to let him […]

Letters to the Editor July 24, 2021

Blessing Box (In response to ‘Blessing Box: ‘Take what you need, leave what you can’, The Citizen, July 10, page 1) Dear Editor: Hi, my name is Karyn Milligan, and I am the Director of the OCEF Food Pantry which is located here in Ortonville at St. Anne Church. I was very happy to read […]

Letters to the Editor July 17, 2021

(In response to, Memorial Day stench,” a letter by Pat George, The Citizen, June 6, page 6.) Pure smoke—solution needed Dear Editor, I agree 100 percent. Not that I do not think people should not be allowed a camp fire now and then, however the burning is way out of control! Every day we have […]

Letters to the Editor July 10, 2021

Blessing Box Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a group of people that built, donated, and helped set up the new “Blessing Box” that is located at the corner of Cedar & Ball streets in Ortonville. This “Blessing Box” was built to help people in the community that are in […]

Letters to the Editor, July 3, 2021

Hannah’s Legacy Foundation Dear Editor, The Hannah’s Legacy Foundation would like to thank the 100 golfers and 125 dinner guests that attended our 4th annual golf outing and dinner that took place on June 21 at the Davison Country Club. The generosity of the sponsors, golfers, and the community raised over $20,000. We would also […]

Letters to the Editor June 26, 2021

(In response to, “Ideas for Ortonville’s Heritage Garden needed,” The Citizen, June 19, page 7.) Keep the garden Dear Editor, I live downtown Ortonville and like many of us I often walk the area and one of the things I enjoyed the most was the tiny little garden next to the town hall building. The […]

Letters to the Editor June 19, 2021

Celebration of Life for Elwyn Dale Dear Editor, Thank you to the family and friends that attended the Celebration of Life for Elwyn Dale, our hero, our star (as we called him). Thank you for sharing all your stories, memories and for all the kind words. Thank you to Roy and Michele and the staff […]

Letters to the Editor June 12, 2021

Memorial Day Dear Editor, This is the real reason why Memorial Day is observed: Great Lakes National Cemetery, Holly opened and first burial 2005 now16 years later 50,199 veterans there. May 2021—520 burials total so far in 2021—640 burials. The Ortonville Cemetery 510 veterans and Seymour Lake Cemetery, 90 veterans buried there. For information on […]

Letters to the Editor June 5, 2021

Recycling rules Dear Editor, I wrote several weeks ago about a couple things that would make our community better. But apparently, some people just don’t mind not following some simple rules with regards to paper recycling. Please see the attached pictures. These recycle containers are in the Harvey Swanson school parking lot. I don’t want […]

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