‘We are all in the same boat, but not the same storm’

Home health nurse shares challenges of care during coronavirus By David Fleet Editor Sara Taylor loved her morning coffee. Then the coronavirus arrived. “Everyday I had a cup before work,” said Taylor, 37. “But that came to a quick stop about a month ago. I’m on the road most of the day and since the […]

Selective memory

(In response to Achievements, a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, April 4, 2020) Dear Editor, Shame on you Mr. Bond.  Your slanted, ill-informed, and misguided remarks scream to be challenged…and CORRECTED!!!  Obama DIDN’T save the Auto Industry.  A loan from CONGRESS did!  And incidentally,  Chrysler refused the loan offer because it carried with it,  […]

Love your neighbor

In response to Paul Lucas “Go Trump” I just finished Reading a letter from a Mr. Paul S Lucas. I noticed the entire first paragraph was nothing but angry verbiage, directed at one of Mr. Lucas’ “neighbors”, Dale Bond. Mr. Lucas if you’re a God fearing man, try to remember Gods commandment to love your […]

Lawmakers OK plan to extend state of emergency to May 1

State Rep. Mike Mueller announced the state Legislature today approved a plan to extend Michigan’s state of emergency brought on by coronavirus to May 1, rather than to mid-June as recommended by Gov. Whitmer. “The public health crisis is ongoing, and I certainly believe we should extend the state of emergency to curtail the spread […]

Local funeral home emphasizes safe gatherings during COVID-19

By David Fleet Editor The importance of having a funeral to honor the deceased and giving loved ones and opportunity to celebrate that life is unquestioned. Roy Langolf owner and manager of Village Funeral Home, 135 South St. Ortonville is deeply committed to promoting the value of the funeral, the unprecedented novel Coronavirus requires the […]

Smoothies, lunch for front line workers

By David Fleet Editor In just 14 hours, a local eatery along with Ortonville residents rallied and reached out to more than 70 area first responders, healthcare workers and food suppliers as they work tirelessly to care for those who have been impacted by the COVID-19. On Wednesday, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 1152 S, Ortonville Road […]

Letters to the Editor April 4, 2020

Achievements (In response to, “Wake up,” a letter by Deborah Okolovitch, The Citizen, March 21, page 6) Dear Editor, Bonnie (Beltramo) you win the argument hands down. Keep up your great letters against the Red Hat Choir. It is beyond belief why they adore the self loving faux president who is obsessed by the success […]

Some area government meetings to go virtual

Some govs to meet electronically By David Fleet Editor Attending a village or township meeting will soon take on a new look over the next few weeks. On March 18, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-15 to order a temporarily change to the Open Meetings Act to allow public bodies to conduct their meetings […]

Firefighters, EMS ramp up efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19

By David Fleet Editor Fire departments have prepared for any emergency and threat as a response agency, and now they are facing a new one – COVID-19. From protection for first responders to COIVD-19 patients to safety procedures—area fire departments are stepping up the battle. Groveland Township Fire Chief Kevin Mason said obviously our crews […]

Fill’er-up makes a comeback with coronavirus concerns

By David Fleet Editor Brandon Twp.-The gasoline shortages of the 1970s resulted in permanent closure of many full-service gas stations. With the recent spread of COVID-19, “fill’er-up” has returned. On March 24, The Pantry/Mobile, 1152 Ortonville Road opened two pumps to full service fuel. Pumps, five and six have been designated for those customers that […]

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