Letters to the Editor Oct. 10, 2020

(In response to, “A feel good vote,” a letter by Richard Saroli, The Citizen, Sept. 26, page 6) No rebuff Dear Editor, A few questions Saroli. What is the air quality going to be for your children, grandchildren and all future humans on this Earth if nothing is done to stop the pollution from bad […]

Letters to the Editor Oct. 3, 2020

Thank you Dear Editor, I would like to personally thank all the businesses that have united to support me, Tonja Brice and Ron Sutton with seeking positions on Ortonville Village Council. I am humbled and extremely grateful for your trust and support. Your united front speaks volumes and, if nothing else, I hope our community […]

Letters to the Editor Sept. 26, 2020

(In response to “Seek the truth,” a letter by Dan Eschmann, The Citizen, Sept. 12, page 6) The real truth Dear Editor, Our community was asked to believe that three Village trustees up for election are looking out for our tax dollars. They scrutinize small items like phone stipends and reimbursements to our staff and […]

Letters to the Editor Sept. 19, 2020

Joe’s the Man Dear Editor A friend asked me why I am voting for Joe Biden. I am voting for Joe’s life, his character, the choices he has made. When he was a kid with a stammer, he could have retreated into angry silence, he chose to work hard to overcome it, years before we […]

Letters to the Editor Sept. 12, 2020

Hannah’s Legacy Dear Editor, The Hannah’s Legacy Foundation would like to thank everyone that attended and/or contributed to our 3rd annual golf outing that took place on August 3rd at the Davison Country Club. The generosity of the sponsors, golfers and the community raised over $15,000. We also would like to mention the volunteers that […]

Letters to the Editor Aug. 29, 2020

(In response to, “Downtown septic system upgrades proposed,” The Citizen, Aug. 22, page 1) Septic system update Dear Editor, The Kratt Family would like to thank The Citizen for your article emphasizing our dedication to Downtown Ortonville along with the DDA for their assistance in building renovations and engagement . After seeing the overwhelming support […]

Letters to the Editor Aug. 22, 2020

Family movie night Dear Editor, Brandon Township Parks & Recreation was honored to host our annual Family Movie Night , Aug. 15, 2020. We could not have done it without the support of our wonderful event sponsors: Genisys Credit Union, The Citizen Newspaper, Ortonville Ace Hardware, Randy Wise Ford, Brandon-Groveland Youth Assistance, Austin Brick Paving […]

Letters to the Editor Aug. 15, 2020

Thank you Dear Editor, Ortonville and surrounding communities. Thank you for the cards, kind words, prayers, and support over the past 7 months. Your outpouring of care and concern has lodged a special place in our hearts. We are beyond grateful for everything you have done for Joe and our family. A huge thank you […]

Letters to the Editor Aug. 8, 2020

(In response to, “Rep. Slotkin seeking second term,” The Citizen, July 25, page 9) A healthy press Dear Editor, David Fleet’s article on Rep. Elissa Slotkin was an exemplary piece of responsible journalism. Fleet focused on the substance of Rep. Slotkin’s service, probing into facts that can be checked and substantiated, rather than allowing an […]

Letters to the Editor Aug. 1, 2020

(In response to, “You tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine,’ a column by Don Rush, July 25, page 19) Mr. Rush, ‘what are you thinking’ Dear Editor, Mr. Rush, Either you flunked basic high school science, are totally medically clueless or perhaps just willfully ignorant— maybe all three?  Unless of course you were […]