Letters to the Editor May 28, 2022

CERT Prepares for New Year of Service Dear Editor, The Brandon Township CERT team is preparing for a new year of service to Ortonville and Brandon Township. Formed in 2006 by retired Lieutenant Colonel Lee Stewart, the CERT team works as an augmentation to the Brandon Fire Department, under the direction of Fire Chief David […]

Letters to the Editor April 23, 2022

Thank you BGYA leadership Dear Editor, I am so proud of the Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance Program (BGYA). Our kids deserve the best and this kind of student leadership shows us how bright our future is! For 35 years BGYA has been honoring the best and brightest in our community and I am proud to […]

Letters to the Editor April 16, 2022

Buy their ‘votes-ism’-With your ‘money-ism’ Dear Editor, There is a movement afoot to persuade the federal government to “forgive” student loans. Which actually means for the government to use your tax dollars to pay off other people’s loans. The loans were incurred when students wanted to prepare for their futures, to enable them to earn […]

Letters to the Editor April 9, 2022

Thank you BFD Dear Editor, I would like to thank the Brandon Fire Department EMTs and Deputy Osborn of OCSD for their quick response during my husbands recent medical emergency while he was experiencing a stroke on March 24, 2022. Their quick response and professionalism made all the difference in his current condition. Barb Piotrowski, […]

Letters to the Editor April 2, 2022

Easter Donations Dear Editor, Dreary weather did not stop our generous community on Saturday, March 26!! Thank you to all who helped fill our Studebaker Truck with Easter Donations for OCEF in three hours at Bueches! We went from empty to full and also received $158 in cash donations and $460 in Bueches gift cards!! […]

Letters to the Editor March 26, 2022

(In response to, ‘ARPA grant for Atlas sidewalks,’ The Citizen, March 19, 2022, page 2)  Where are our taxes going?  Dear Editor, Atlas Township is repairing the walking/sidewalks in the Atlas area due to tripping hazards. This would be the walking path past the Goodrich School and up into Atlas. When I called the township […]

Letters to the Editor March 19, 2022

Act now Dear Editor Cancer can be best stopped when it is treated before it spreads. If it spreads to other parts of the body it can be much more difficult to stop or it may be fatal. Putin, like cancer, should be stopped now or we will experience a fatal worldwide loss of freedom. […]

Letters to the Editor March 12, 2022

(In response to ‘M-15 traffic, congestion draw township concern,’ The Citizen, Feb. 26, page 1) Be our voice Dear Editor What is the value of our children’s safety? We need to talk about traffic danger and health concerns. First, the traffic dangers. The intersection of Wolfe Road and M-15 is never an easy one-no matter […]

Letters to the Editor March 5, 2022

A cold tale Dear Editor, My name is Aria and I am a 5-year -old German Shepherd and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to the Brandon Fire Department for saving my life. You see, on Feb. 23, I was going about my typical routine galavanting in my backyard, when suddenly […]

Letters to the Editor Feb. 26, 2022

Village storm drain Dear Editor, Thank you for your patience as the Village of Ortonville worked to complete the Crossman Park Storm Drain over the past several weeks. It has been inconvenient, to say the least, but it is exciting to see the drain already working. Derrick Diamond and his crew did a fantastic job […]