Letters to the editor Nov. 3

O.A.T.S. Haunted Barn Dear Editor, On Saturday evening Brandon Middle School students, parents and teachers turned the O.A.T.S. barn into a Halloween wonderland. Each classroom adopted a stall and decorated it for our 2nd Annual Haunted Barn. Children from around the area enjoyed trick or treating, arts and crafts, and interacting with our horses, pig, […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 27

Witches Night Out Dear Editor, I would like to thank all the amazing sponsors that came through for us this year. We couldn’t have done it without you. Also Thanks to our generous prize donors. A very special thanks to Lauren Brothers, Courtney McClerren, DDA, Friends of Amos, DPW, Kris Harris, Bob McArthur & Mason […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 20

Vote Allen Dear Editor, I wanted to write and show my support for Sarah Allen, who is running for the Brandon School Board. I met Sarah years ago while volunteering with the Oakwood Elementary PTA. She is a dedicated employee, volunteer, Brandon School District mother, and friend. Sarah, while working as a Brandon substitute teacher, […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 13

(In response to “Homeless,” a police report, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 9) We can help Dear Editor, So an individual receives a citation he probably cannot afford to pay for loitering in a park. The police are doing their job, no criticism there. The individual stated he had nowhere else to go. When I […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 6

(In response to Lunch shaming, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 6) No child goes hungry Dear Editor, My name is Suzanne Evenson and I have had the honor of being part of the Brandon School District Food Services team for 28 years and it’s Director since 1999. I am so […]

Letters to the editor Sep. 29

Woodland park trail Dear Editor, We are looking for a knowledgable construction volunteer to lead our woodland park project. We will be building a set of stringer stairs up a steep woodland bank in our new park in the Village of Goodrich. As a project leader, your expertise would only be needed on-site long enough […]

Letters to the editor Sept. 22

Senior baseball Dear Editor, We would like to thank the Bottoms Up Food & Spirits in Groveland Township, for sponsoring our Clarkston, senior softball team. It’s difficult to find sponsors for a bunch of old folks who want to remember their youth. Since most of our players are in their 70s and 80s, we never […]

Letters to the Editor September 15

(In response to, SAD Administrative Fee-Lake Louise, a letter by Alicia DiGirolamo, The Citizen, Sept. 8, page 7) Public sector complexities Dear Editor Flat footed…That was how I landed in the Treasurer’s office in 2008. My 32 years of experience at Ford Motor Company, all in the emerging computer industry, did not prepare me for […]

Letters to the editor Sep. 8

Drive 4 UR School  Dear Editor, Randy Wise Ford is gracious enough to donate money to the Goodrich Baseball Team every year by allowing us to participate in the Drive 4 UR School program. Each spring, Goodrich parents came to the high school and test drove the Ford of their choice. For every driver we […]

Letters to the editor September 1

Thank you Voters Dear Editor, To the 1100+ voters who chose me in August for Brandon Trustee Partial Term, Thank you ! I will work hard between now and November 6th to retain your confidence. A special “thank you” to those who have donated time and money towards my efforts to represent you. My goals […]