Letters to the Editor August 5, 2023

(In response to “Guidelines for village pickleball courts discussed,” The Citizen, July 29, 2023, page 11.)
Pickleball courts
I offer the following commentary:
The two new pickleball courts located within Sherman Park, on Ball Street, Ortonville have only been made possible through the visionary pursuit of Brandon Township Clerk Roslyn Blair and Township Recreation Director Fred Waybrant. They were assisted by township residents, David and Mary Wilson.
Their combined efforts resulted in a 2021 Community Development Block Grant award through Oakland County in the amount of $16,410. Added to that has been the “expert guidance” of village and township building official, Jason Wilton, acting as our general contractor. The winning installation contractor was Vtech, who finished the project “on time and within budget.”
Village DPW Director, Bob Hauxwell and crew has cleaned up and trimmed overgrown shrubs, while Brandon Township Parks and Recreation Department has supplied two new benches for those players “waiting in line” to get an open court to play on.
The results have been fantastic.
At 9 a.m., Aug. 11 the new Ortonville Pickleball Courts will be offically open.
So what happens in the meantime?
Village and township officials have decided on a “soft” opening. Thus in the interim, anyone can get a “taste” of pickleball.
Ortonville Village Manager, Ryan Madis, is currently hard at work developing court usage and code of conduct guidelines. They have been provided through the USA Pickleball Association and will be fine-tuned to meet our community needs. They will then be posted at the courts for all to follow.
In the meantime, open court play, common courtesy, and existing “no parking” signage will be enforced.
It is only through combined governmental cooperation & mutual respect that our wonderful community will be improved, making it a better place for all.
Respectfully submitted,
Wayne M. Wills

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