Letters to the Editor September 2, 2023

OCEF Thank you
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We cannot thank you enough for your kindness. Please know grateful we are to everyone who so generously donated school supplies and gave of their time to our OCEF 2023 School Supply Project. We would like to thank Brandon Township Public Library, all of the area churches, Bueche’s Food World, The Citizen Newspaper, the Ortonville Eastern Stars Chapter 286 and the members of our community who contributed so generously to this project.
With your generous support we were able to provide school supplies to the children of our OCEF clients. Because of you our students can experience a positive start to their school year.
Again, thank you for making their day.
The 2023 Back-To-School team.

DTE outages
Here we go again! Summer storms have caused numerous power outages; this has caused danger to lives of customers and workers. Over the past 40 or 50 years DTE could have buried power lines at a fraction of the cost that it would cost today. DTE now admits that they can bury power lines, but, at a cost of 8 or 9 billion dollars. Of course DTE wants users to pay the cost of their neglect.
Clearly the management at DTE has put profit before people.
We have had to install generators at a cost of thousands while DTE tells us to conserve energy to save a few bucks. They are even telling us what time of day to use our power. It’s time to require utilities to stop their, ‘woke policies’;, and represent the consumer.
Being a public utility the State of Michigan should have more control of the operations of DTE. Contact your state representative or senator and demand legislation to require public utilities to serve the public at the lowest cost and highest efficiency possible.
Also, the Michigan Public Service Commission has the authority to regulate rates, however, they are appointed by politicians. Email, write or call the PSC to let them know your concerns.
Since politicians’ campaigns are partially financed by utility companies it will be difficult to accomplish our needs but we must make it clear that they are in office to represent us, the taxpayers.
Contact your state representative and PSC TODAY!
Walter Dilber
Groveland Township

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