Letters to the Editor Dec. 3, 2022

Thank you Wojos The Village of Ortonville along with the community thank Wojo’s Greenhouse, 2570 Oakwood Road, Brandon Township for their donation of the beautiful plants in the street planters through the downtown area this season. They brighten up the downtown area, and the continued support of Wojo’s Greenhouse is greatly appreciated. Bob Hauxwell Ortonville […]

Letters to the Editor Nov. 26, 2022

Road Commission Woes On Oct. 4, the Road Commission for Oakland County held an informational meeting at Oakwood Elementary School regarding the rebuild at the Oakwood and Hadley intersection. Two questions were asked: Why is reconstruction needed? and why not a roundabout? The answer to the first question is simple—the 70-year-old steel tubes under the […]

Letters to the Editor Nov. 19, 2022

OCEF Thank You Thank you to all of the local schools,  churches,  businesses,  and individuals for the very generous donations made to OCEF for Thanksgiving. Along with the food donations,  many monetary and Bueches gift card donations were also received. Ortonville is a very giving and helpful community. All of the donations and volunteers who […]

Letters to the Editor Nov. 12, 2022

School security Let us put security in every school today. If we can secure the airports and the courts, we can surely secure the schools so we do not have one more child murdered in school. If we can spend $1.5 trillion for a tax-break for the 1 percent billionaires club we can certainly afford […]

Letters to the Editor Nov. 5, 2022

Veteran’s Day To the citizens of this country on Veteran’s Day. We have a unique ‘ism’ in this country. It’s called ‘Americanism’. We as Americans have two days we honor our nation’s finest. ‘Memorial Day’ we honor those we lost, and those among us ‘Veteran’s Day’. On this day, we honor those who left their […]

Letters to the Editor Oct. 22, 2022

Building a Better Brandon On Nov. 8 the voters of Brandon Township face several local proposals, one of which is whether to allow limited marijuana facilities in Brandon Township. I, like many other Brandon voters, received a flyer from a group called Building a Better Brandon. On the surface, it seems like it is proposing […]

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15, 2022

Please vote Brandon School District Voters: As a 26 plus year district and community member I am encouraging you to vote for Kim Smith-Kulaga, Vinny Bills and Herb Robinson for Brandon School Board. I know and understand what is needed to be on this school board. Smith-Kulaga, Bills, and Robinson are all Brandon Blackhawk Amuni! […]

Letters to the Editor Oct. 8, 2022

Honor to Serve It has been a true honor to serve our community, staff, administrators and most importantly, our students.  It has been an incredible journey.  It was with a heavy heart that I resigned from my position on the Brandon Board of Education due to health and personal reasons which included the unexpected loss of […]

Letters to the Editor Oct. 1

Proposal 3 Get the facts: Vote No on the Reproductive Freedom for All!  Based on the “wording’’ of the proposed amendment, this initiative seeks to allow abortions up to, and including, the day of birth in our state constitution!  It seeks to eliminate dozens of Michigan laws that presently regulate abortion.  These include parent consent […]

Letters to the Editor Sept. 24, 2022

Thank you Ortonville Since 2014, my passion and commitment has been to give what I can, when I can, and however I can to our community. Together, we have accomplished so many great things that make our Village stronger, wiser, and more successful. It has truly been an honor to work for, alongside, and behind […]

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