Letters to the Editor May 30, 2020

Mr. Ortonville Dear Editor, A shout out to Ron Sutton. He walks by our window (in the village) every Thursday with a knock and “air” kisses asking how things are going! I miss Mr. Ortonville! Love and miss you Ron! Liz – Village Clerk Glad to see The Citizen Dear Editor, I’m very happy to […]

GHS Class of 2020

GHS Class of 2020 Dear Editor Thank you to the area businesses, organizations, and community members who have lifted up the Goodrich graduating class of 2020 with your congratulatory signs and messages! Your extra efforts are appreciated! Dawn Robb

Stop burning

Dear Editor, Last week, my neighbor and his wife and myself, all senior citizens over the age of 65, were playing some Pickle Ball over at Sherman Park in Ortonville, which was open. Pickle Ball is a smaller version of tennis, played with oversized ping pong paddles and a hard plastic ball with holes. We […]

Weariness scale

Dear Editor, Joe Bob Briggs, drive in movie critic, fake redneck and lover of B movies has something to help us understand Paul Lucas’ letters to The Citizen. While reviewing low budget flicks, Joe Bob scored them with categories such as number of exploding hillbillies, number of pints of blood, number of bared…er…anatomical parts, finishing […]

Stop talking Trump

Dear Editor, Mr. Trump, please stop speaking. You monopolize every coronavirus update we get via TV. You love the sound of your own voice so much you don’t give the doctors and other professionals enough time to say what we the people want and need to hear. They know what they are talking about. We […]

Selective memory

(In response to Achievements, a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, April 4, 2020) Dear Editor, Shame on you Mr. Bond.  Your slanted, ill-informed, and misguided remarks scream to be challenged…and CORRECTED!!!  Obama DIDN’T save the Auto Industry.  A loan from CONGRESS did!  And incidentally,  Chrysler refused the loan offer because it carried with it,  […]

Love your neighbor

In response to Paul Lucas “Go Trump” I just finished Reading a letter from a Mr. Paul S Lucas. I noticed the entire first paragraph was nothing but angry verbiage, directed at one of Mr. Lucas’ “neighbors”, Dale Bond. Mr. Lucas if you’re a God fearing man, try to remember Gods commandment to love your […]

Letters to the Editor April 4, 2020

Achievements (In response to, “Wake up,” a letter by Deborah Okolovitch, The Citizen, March 21, page 6) Dear Editor, Bonnie (Beltramo) you win the argument hands down. Keep up your great letters against the Red Hat Choir. It is beyond belief why they adore the self loving faux president who is obsessed by the success […]

Letters to the Editor March 28

Census 2020 Dear Editor, I encourage every household to participate in the 2020 Census. Most of us should have received information via the United States Post Office. You can respond to the Census online. The Census provides data that supports senior resources, infrastructure (highways and bridges to name a few), children (which includes education, school […]

Letters to the Editor March 21, 2020

Ortonville stands strong! Dear Editor, In the midst of yet another adversity, Ortonville stands strong. With the unprecedented ever changing COVID-19 outbreak, our community shines with grace, compassion, support and unity. Discussions overheard from community members checking on neighbors who self quarantine for safety, sharing groceries or toiletries with each other, social media posts offering […]

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