Letters to the Editor Feb. 18, 2023

Unlock our hearts
We are again mourning the deaths of students killed in our schools. Our politicians and news media ask why.
Many years ago were moved God from our schools and satin was let in. Our politicians will again blame guns but they will not look into the mirror and see the real problem, politicians.
At the State of the Union Address some politicians wore badges saying, “I love abortion.”
We need leaders who support life, not glorify death. We need politicians who will allow, “schools of choice” so that a parent can afford to send their child to a school where their child can learn morals, get educated, pray and build character.
Public schools should allow prayer in school and at their athletic events. We will continue to have these tragedies as long as we turn our backs on God.
Lets not lock up our guns but we need to unlock our hearts.
Walt Dilber
Groveland Township

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