Letters to the editor Jane. 20

Save our bus drivers Dear Editor, “I have the BEST bus driver in the Brandon school district.” I am positive any parent you ask would echo the same statement. Miss Janine makes my child feel safe. I know she has many years of experience on our treacherous back roads, no matter the condition. She along […]

Letters to the Editor Jan. 13

Fletcher building miracle (In response to, ‘Two bidders vie for BFI school building,’ The Citizen, Dec. 23, page 1) Dear Editor, Let me tell you a story about a miracle that is waiting to happen in the Village of Ortonville and Brandon Township – and yet no one really knows about it. It pertains to […]

Letters to the editor: Jan. 6

Thank you responders Dear Editor, I wanted to take a minute to thank are local Brandon EMS and Oakland County Sheriff officers. On Dec. 26, 2017 I had a very bad flair up of an old disk injury to my lower back. I was in extreme pain like an electrical cord was connected to my […]

Letters to the editor Dec. 30

Thank you DPW Dear Editor, I hope everyone that traveled through the Village of Ortonville on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day appreciated out village’s DPW. They were missing out being with their family so many ouf us could get to our celebrations safely. They worked almost nonstop Christmas Eve and much of Christmas Day plowing […]

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 23

Thanks for the toys Dear Editor A big thank you to the Ortonville Community, who once again proved that they are the most generous community the whole world. They absolutely made sure “To See that No Child Is Left Out At Christmas” Thank you to the local businesses who let us put collection boxes in […]

Letters to the Editor Dec. 16

Thank you community Dear Editor, The Goodrich/Atlas Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the participants of this year’s “Downtown Goodrich Christmas Celebration” The support of the Village of Goodrich, the Goodrich Volunteers and Goodrich Lions was greatly appreciated. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts added much to the festivities. Tree Top Farms generously […]

Letters to the editor 12/9

(In response to Clarkston Church eyes Brandon Fletcher, The Citizen, Nov. 25, page 4) Welcome Bridgewood Dear editor, I was thrilled to read that Bridgewood Church has interest in the former Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School Building. Bridgewood Church has been remarkable in giving back to the Ortonville community. Each school and every student has benefited […]

Letters to the editor Dec. 2

Thank you community Dear Editor, We would like to send heartfelt thank you’s to the Brandon Township Community. The outpouring of support, help and courage from our neighbors and friends has been amazing. The Candlelight Vigil and Ribbon Tying on Sunday evening in honor of Deputy Overall would not have been possible without the help […]

Letters to the editor Nov. 25

(In response to Village fowl now fair, The Citizen, Oct. 28, page 1) Village mannors Dear Editor, I am a Village of Ortonville resident. I do not own a chicken or do I ever intend to own a chicken. I do however fully support the right of other village residents to own and raise chickens […]

Letters to the editor Nov. 18

(In respons to, “Belle Ann property considered by township,” The Citizen, Nov. 11, page 1.From thecitizenonline.com) Township property? Dear Editor, Out of curiosity, is the township expected to increase in population substantially in the near future that would cause the need for increased staffing and storage that would require a manifold increase in building size? […]

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