Letters to the Editor March 19, 2022

Act now
Dear Editor
Cancer can be best stopped when it is treated before it spreads. If it spreads to other parts of the body it can be much more difficult to stop or it may be fatal. Putin, like cancer, should be stopped now or we will experience a fatal worldwide loss of freedom.
Our leaders are scared off because Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons against anybody who stands in their way. We have shot down Russian jets in Korea ,Vietnam and killed Russian soldiers in the middle east, this did not cause a world war. Putin would be a fool to use such weapons.
If Russia takes over Ukraine, this will encourage Russia, China and other dictatorships to begin expansion by simply threatening nuclear retaliation if anybody stands in their way. We will go from a stage 1 cancer to a stage 4. China is waiting to see the outcome of this war
We must make every effort, now, to stop Putin or suffer the consequences of our weakness. Yes, attacking this war, like treating cancer, is risky but if we don’t act now it will be fatal.
Walt Dilber, Groveland Twp.

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