Recipe for disaster

As a cook of some repute, I am asked to share a recipe now and then. Here’s one that you will enjoy: RECIPE FOR DISASTER Ingredients · One demagogue, choose an old, plump one · An angry electorate · A rapidly changing culture, no expiration date needed · Declining manufacturing jobs · Increasing immigration · […]

America has never stopped being great

In response to “Establishment is uncomfortable,” a letter by Joe Mento, The Citizen, page 6, March 26. Dear Editior, Mr. Mento asserts the following in his letter. Donald Trump despises political correctness. A political outsider, career politicians are afraid of him. Trump represents the hardworking middle class. Protestors at Trump rallies are disrupting free speech. […]

Don’t bother with the truth

(In response to, “Reich this way,” a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, March 19, page 7) Dear Editor, I see that once again the disinformation train has left the station with Engineer B. Beltramo at the controls, full speed ahead! Let’s not bother with the truth when innuendo and misleading , inaccurate statements will […]

Sharin ‘O’ the Green

Dear Editor, To our wonderful community and The Citizen…you made our Sharin’O’ the Green match happen again this year! After a thoughtful “Sharin’… for O.C.E.F.” article appeared in The Citizen on Feb. 27, by March 3, we had six donations totaling $950! All with Sharin’O’ the Green in the memo line. A third church also […]

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