Recipe for disaster

As a cook of some repute, I am asked to share a recipe now and then. Here’s one that you will enjoy:
· One demagogue, choose an old, plump one
· An angry electorate
· A rapidly changing culture, no expiration date needed
· Declining manufacturing jobs
· Increasing immigration
· Old racism, better if stale, seemingly no expiration date
Combine all ingredients in a country sized caldron. Let simmer on the back burner for years. Bring to a boil in an election year.
Mixture will lose all sense as it cooks, will become older, whiter, denser. When it boils over, roll it across the landscape with an American flag at the leading edge. Elect the demagogue and serve up the resulting economic and social disaster. Over 300,000,000 generous portions.

Bonnie Beltramo

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