What Would Jesus Do?

(In response to: ‘Why yes, indeed, I believe Jesus pooped,’ a column by Don Rush, The Citizen, April 16, page 7).

Well now. I knew from the moment I read the column (on the 9th, not the 16th, Joyce & David) about Jesus pooping, there’d be h-ll to pay!  Sure enough there it was in the next week’s paper and then the next week after that!  This is right in line with why I look forward to reading The Citizen (remember, I won $50 in that contest?).

There is a children’s book called, “Everyone Poops.”  There is also a YouTube video with the same name.  This is aimed at the potty training crowd and doesn’t say anything about Jesus. It’s just animals and people pooping. I thought when I read the column that day that maybe you were poking fun at that book?  Now after reading all the angst, perhaps your new updated version should be titled, “Everyone Poops, except Jesus,” so as not to offend anyone.

Don, I agree with you.  Yes, Jesus did poop.  Pooping is a normal bodily function and is nothing to be ashamed of.  But most people think it is disgusting and dirty.  Perhaps Christians don’t want to think that their Savior did this as a man. In some ways, they might think you are running His holy name through the poop. I understand why they feel this way. Why talk about Christmas, Jesus and poop?  Really, Don. Creating controversy sells papers, though. Makes me look forward to reading your column.

People, it is OK to let The Don know you are offended.  It is OK to say you forgive The Don for offending you.  It is not OK to threaten him and his place of business.  It is not OK to pass judgement on The Don and state that he will be held “accountable for every idle word spoken.”  It is precisely this type of “holier than thou” attitude that drives nonbelievers away from the Word.

Don, I do not think you broke any commandments. I do not think you used His name in vain.  I hear His name used in vain enough out in public.  I think most people don’t even realize they’re doing it because they are so used to doing it. I wish I could hear His name used more often in public without it being used before the word, ‘damn’ or used in anger within any number of phrases. This offends me.

Instead of LGBT, let’s discuss WWJD.  Remember what those stand for?  What Would Jesus Do?  Hmmm.  Do you think Jesus would threaten you and your place of business?  Would He demand that you apologize publicly?  No, I would like to think that He would’ve probably just laughed and said, “Yes, I poop just like you.”  Then He would have hugged you and told you to get with it and write your column about some other comedic nonsense.  And who knows?  Maybe He would have thanked you for getting His name out there for the unsuspecting nonbelievers to hear.


Diane DeClerck


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