Don’t bother with the truth

(In response to, “Reich this way,” a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, March 19, page 7)
Dear Editor,
I see that once again the disinformation train has left the station with Engineer B. Beltramo at the controls, full speed ahead! Let’s not bother with the truth when innuendo and misleading , inaccurate statements will work just fine. In her latest trip to La-La land she compares Donald Trump to Hitler. I can only conclude that her statements are a direct result of a story in which David Duke (KKK) was quoted as saying that he liked Trump for President and would endorse him. When asked about it Trump replied that he couldn’t comment on it since he hadn’t seen/heard the story. He further explained a short time later that he was having trouble with the earpiece and didn’t want to make a mis-statement until he heard what,exactly, the question was. He followed that up immediately by saying he does not agree with David Duke’s politics and does not want his endorsement. It didn’t matter, the left wing press ran with it but it didn’t go far and died. Let me also state for the record that I am not necessarily a Trump supporter at this time. I am a Republican supporter, and that scenario has not yet played out as to who that candidate will be.

With that being said let’s examine the other options. Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist. I think he’s probably an honest man but like Margaret Thatcher once said, and I paraphrase, “The only thing wrong with Socialism is that eventually you run out of money and people who are working to pay taxes so you can give away all the free stuff to those who are not”. That would leave Hillary Clinton as our other Democratic candidate. She has a long list of accomplishments which I would like to share with you. Impressive, but not pretty. Here’s the list,not in any particular order. We all have our favorites.

Travelgate, Watergate (where she got her start), Hillarycare, Vince Foster’s death, Cattlegate, Filegate, White Water, The Clinton Defense Fund, Chinagate, IRS abuses, Pardongate (my favorite), The FALN terrorist fiasco, Campaign Investigations for her Senate race and the 2008 Presidential race, Benghazi, and the E-Mail Investigations, The Clinton Foundation (pending) and all the other senate oversight investigations into her numerous conflicts of interest. Let’s just throw her record thus far into the pot and see if anything edible emerges. She sponsored 3 bills while in the Senate, none of note including naming a Post Office. New York must be very proud of her. As Secretary of State her own personal secretary, when asked, could not come up with ONE accomplishment. Not ONE, however her tenure was rocked with multiple scandals and cover-ups. I found all this information on YouTube…Hillary Clinton a career criminal. It’s a 15 minute video with all the facts on each of the above named topics. Don’t take my word for this but I do urge you to take 15 minutes out and look at the video and decide for yourself!

Mrs. Beltramo I’m sorry but I can’t accept your invitation to the Tea Party (small pun, please excuse) Tell Alice and the rabbit with the large hat I said hello but I won’t be sharing the Kool-Aid with you today……
Paul S. Lucas

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