Letter to the Editor Feb. 25, 2023

Longing for solutions
(In Response to ‘Unlock our hearts’, a letter by Walt Dilber, The Citizen, Feb. 18, page 4)
I read Mr. Dilber’s Letter “Unlock our hearts” last week with sorrow. All I pictured was a sad and confused person trying to find sense in another senseless shooting. I confess to my own bewilderment. Mr. Dilber offers potential solutions that are already in place: Schools of choice? We have had this in Michigan since 1994. Mr. Dilber suggests that prayer in schools and @ athletic events as another solution. Prayer never left schools. Students are still free to pray in their school, and to lead prayer in school. Teacher and school led prayer are not allowed. Mr. Dilber cites this credible idea, that politicians are a problem. Well, we elected these guys.
I join the earnest Mr. Dilber in longing for these horrible, horrible shootings to stop.
Bonnie Beltramo

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