Letters to the editor Oct. 6

(In response to Lunch shaming, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 6) No child goes hungry Dear Editor, My name is Suzanne Evenson and I have had the honor of being part of the Brandon School District Food Services team for 28 years and it’s Director since 1999. I am so […]

Letters to the editor Sep. 29

Woodland park trail Dear Editor, We are looking for a knowledgable construction volunteer to lead our woodland park project. We will be building a set of stringer stairs up a steep woodland bank in our new park in the Village of Goodrich. As a project leader, your expertise would only be needed on-site long enough […]

Letters to the editor Sept. 22

Senior baseball Dear Editor, We would like to thank the Bottoms Up Food & Spirits in Groveland Township, for sponsoring our Clarkston, senior softball team. It’s difficult to find sponsors for a bunch of old folks who want to remember their youth. Since most of our players are in their 70s and 80s, we never […]

Letters to the Editor September 15

(In response to, SAD Administrative Fee-Lake Louise, a letter by Alicia DiGirolamo, The Citizen, Sept. 8, page 7) Public sector complexities Dear Editor Flat footed…That was how I landed in the Treasurer’s office in 2008. My 32 years of experience at Ford Motor Company, all in the emerging computer industry, did not prepare me for […]

Letters to the editor Sep. 8

Drive 4 UR School  Dear Editor, Randy Wise Ford is gracious enough to donate money to the Goodrich Baseball Team every year by allowing us to participate in the Drive 4 UR School program. Each spring, Goodrich parents came to the high school and test drove the Ford of their choice. For every driver we […]

Letters to the editor September 1

Thank you Voters Dear Editor, To the 1100+ voters who chose me in August for Brandon Trustee Partial Term, Thank you ! I will work hard between now and November 6th to retain your confidence. A special “thank you” to those who have donated time and money towards my efforts to represent you. My goals […]

Letters to the editor August 25

Primary election Dear Editor, The 2018 Primary Election was busier than anticipated in Brandon Township. I want to thank the election inspectors, maintenance staff, cerk’s office staff, school administrators, maintenance and custodian staff at both Oakwood Elementary and Brandon High School for their hard work and dedication to allow voters their right to cast their […]

Letters to the editor August 18

Feeding America Dear Editor, In America, we have a special place in our hearts for family farmers. We see them plowing their fields during the day. We see their tractors lights in the distant fields as we head for bed. There is no corporate agribusiness in our Township. These farmers are our friends and neighbors, […]

Letters to the editor August 11

School security Dear Editor, Let us put security in every school today. If we can secure the airports and the courts, we can surely seure the schools so we do not have one more child murdered in school. If we can spend $1.5 trillion for a tax-break for the 1 percent billionaires club we can […]

Letters to the Editor June 28

Thank you Dear Editor, On behalf of the members of Goodrich Enrichment Activities and Revitalization (G.E.A.R.), I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all who made our First Annual Glow Golf Outing a success! We are a newly formed non-profit 501c3 whose organization’s mission is to give back to our community by providing […]