Letters to the Editor March 25, 2023

Contact MPSC
The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) is supposed to represent the customers of our public utilities. The MPSC is a politically appointed panel, appointed by the governor. In the latest storm, the MPSC’s latest proposal of $35per day reimbursement is a slap in the face to customers.
DTE is being questioned as to whether they should receive a huge increase in rates that they charge customers. Deserved or not, DTE will get an increase less than what they are requesting. This is a fake bargaining tool to make it look like the MPSC is actually representing utility customers. This is simply a political step toward higher rates.
Over the past 50 or more years, DTE has claimed that burying power lines is too expensive. It is just a smokescreen to make more profits.
Every one of my neighbors has had to buy a whole house generator and some of us are on our second generator in order to protect us due to the inferior DTE service. DTE’s failure to maintain the grid has cost us thousands.
How many utility workers and citizens have been killed by downed power lines? How much has the lack of service cost utility users?
DTE has been investing in Chinese built windmills and solar panels which will not meet Michigan utility needs in the future.
The Michigan Public Service Commission should deny DTE’s request and, instead, lower rates until DTE demonstrates that they will provide acceptable service. The MPSC will not represent us unless we all demand reasonable rates. Contact the MPSC now, to let them know your opinion!
Walt Dilber
Groveland Township

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