Letters to the Editor Oct. 7, 2023

Vote Yes in Goodrich
I write to express my enthusiastic support for the upcoming Goodrich Area School Sinking Fund Proposal, which will be on the ballot on November 7th.
As a local business owner, mother of three Martians, and a citizen of Goodrich for nearly 18 years, this proposal holds the promise of securing a brighter future for our schools and community. I would like to highlight three compelling reasons why it is vital for school districts to have a Sinking Fund.
1. Maintenance and Repairs: School buildings, like any other structures, require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. A Sinking Fund ensures that funds are readily available to address these needs promptly. Delayed maintenance can lead to more extensive and costly repairs down the road, putting additional financial strain on the district.
By having a dedicated fund for maintenance, school districts can protect their investments, provide safe and conducive learning environments, and ultimately save money in the long run.
2. Infrastructure Upgrades: As technology and educational methods evolve, so do the infrastructure requirements of schools. Upgrading classrooms with modern technology, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing security measures are essential for meeting the changing needs of students and educators.
A Sinking Fund enables our school district to execute the next phase of the Goodrich Area Schools Master Plan that weren’t included in the no-tax-rate increase bond proposal that was approved by Goodrich Voters in 2020.
3. Fiscal Responsibility: Sinking Funds are a fiscally responsible way to manage a school district’s finances. They allow for the systematic accumulation of funds over time, based on anticipated needs. This approach spreads the financial burden more evenly and reduces the reliance on emergency measures or bond issues, which can result in higher taxes or debt.
By establishing and maintaining a Sinking Fund, school districts can demonstrate prudent financial management and long-term planning, earning the trust and confidence of the community. In the case of Goodrich Area School’s Sinking Fund Proposal, it’s crucial to recognize that this initiative is not just about maintaining facilities; it’s about investing in our community’s future. It’s about ensuring that our students have access to safe, modern, and technologically advanced learning environments. It’s about safeguarding property values and the overall desirability of our community for residents and prospective home buyers.
As we approach the November 7th ballot, I urge all citizens to consider the long-term benefits of supporting the Goodrich Area School Sinking Fund Proposal. By doing so, we can contribute to the continued success of our schools, the prosperity of our community, and the well-being of our students. Let us embrace this opportunity to invest in our future.
Michelle C. Smith

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