Letters to the editor 12/9

(In response to Clarkston Church eyes Brandon Fletcher, The Citizen, Nov. 25, page 4)
Welcome Bridgewood
Dear editor,
I was thrilled to read that Bridgewood Church has interest in the former Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School Building.
Bridgewood Church has been remarkable in giving back to the Ortonville community. Each school and every student has benefited from numerous supportive events and programs that our otherwise cash-strapped school district would not be able to afford. All of this has been done while never asking for anything in return.
The current Bridgewood Church building at M-15 and Rattalee Lake Road is quite beautiful and well-maintained. I have no doubt in my mind that if Bridgewood were to aquire BFIS, improvements would not only be asthetically pleasing, they would benefit everyone in the surrounding community.
I know that we are only in the initial stages of proposals but if I had to choose today I would absolutely recommend the folks from Bridgewood!
Looking forward to new horizons!
Andrea Austin

Thank you Annette
Dear Editor,
I would like to recognize and thank Annette Beach for almost 29 years of great service to the Edna Burton Senior Center.
She makes everyone who comes through the door feel welcome. Annette always goes the extra mile. The cleanliness, decorating, packing lunches for the homebound, planning the many activities etc. What a wonderful asset she is to our little community.
Also, kudos to Faye, Tim, Linda, Pat, and all the others who make this one of the best places in Ortonville.
Nat Duman

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