Letters to the editor Feb. 25


Dear Editor,

Thank you for supporting daddy-daughter and mother-son dances. Brandon Township Park and Recreation was honored to host our annual Daddy-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Date Night on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017. We could not have done it without the help and support of Brandon School District and our sponsors MacPhee’s Restaurant and A Dime-in-Time Florist. Each year we strive to make this an enjoyable evening for dads, daughters, moms, and sons. Thank you to those who participated and helped make this event a success.

Fred Waybrant, Director

Septic ordinance

Dear Editor,

A septic ordinance for the village is underway. Village residents will forfeit control over personal maintenance of household septic systems. Costly inspection fees and violation tickets are the backbone of this septic ordinance. Residents voice your objections at the village council meeting February 27 at 7 p.m. or contact Senator David Robertson 517-373-1636.

Donald Heffner

Diversity program a benefit

(In response to: ‘Religious Diversity Journeys,’ The Citizen, Feb. 18, page 1)

Dear Editor,

While reading about the BMS students participating in the Religious Diversity Journeys program, the following statement by a seventh grader who is learning about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Sikhism really resonated with me. She said, “They each sing, pray, and have one God, just by different names. I think they are more alike than different. Their morals are the same – don’t disrespect your parents, ultimately be kind to other people.” I hope to see this program continue until my own children can participate, and I would love to tag along as they visit these houses of worship, as I am almost 40-years-old and have never been inside of a synagogue or a mosque. This program will benefit these kids so much in their future as adults. I’m so proud to see this learning happening here in Brandon and I thank everyone involved in making it happen for our kids. I see that there is also an adult program – I plan to look it up, thank you for the information.

Marisa Prince


Great work Tamara

Dear Editor,

I also would like to thank Tamara Itoney-Carden for both of her recent letters to the editor in Viewpoints and encourage her to keep up the fine work and not to become discouraged with all the negative feedback she received because of it.

When you correct yourself (53 percent woman’s vote vs. 53 percent white woman voters) and your detractors immediately trot out the race card—yes you Kris Kordella— then you know you must be winning the argument since this is well documented ploy used by the democrats which is no longer very effective. Everyone who read your piece, Tamara, knows you were only quoting a demographic published in numerous polls. Kordella…You said in your reply piece (2-4-17) that you are a real Republican and deal with just facts whether they support you or not, but then on Feb. 18th you tell Itoney-Carden to face it and I quote:

“You are the minority and your numbers are getting smaller by the day as many Americans are continuing to drop their support for Trump’s and your putrid agenda.” You must have changed your affiliation because a Republican wouldn’t say that…But a Democrat would. Looks like you’ve been caught in a whopper Kordella. I also would like to agree with Mr. Don Rush for his insights in his article of 2-18-17. If it were only that simple sir, I would strongly agree with you but it’s not. Case in point. When Obama won the election/re-election you didn’t see people rioting for weeks, and his cabinet picks stalled, but that’s what we got when Trump won. I’m afraid it’s beyond civility at this point. To paraphrase one of our Founding Fathers: In order for evil to triumph all that is needed is for good men to do nothing. Time for doing nothing is long past I’m afraid. Celia Ryker….I don’t even know where to start. Your piece is so filled with inaccuracies and falsehoods that I can only suggest a different news source besides Marvel Comics.

In closing…keep up the great work, Tamara. I’m afraid you’re dealing right now with a few people who thought they were soaring like eagles, but they are slowly coming to the realization that they’re nothing more than a plain old flock of turkeys.

Paul S. Lucas

Trump diseases defined

Dear Editor,

In a recent Viewpoints letter, I referred to the “diseased Trump Administration.”

Many people, believe me, have asked me to explain. Here are some of the disorders affecting the Trump Administration:

NoMega Wallatol – Backtracking on a campaign promise

Torturus Restorus -Returning to torturing prisoners

Twitterus ridiculous- Juvenile Tweets

Competentia minimus- Chronic lack of credentialed Cabinet appointees

Factus Alternatus -Major Lies

Scapegoatus Imperfectans -Attacking Minorities

Rumors Incontinentia -Fear of Russian blackmail

Gaysbegone immediatus-Intolerance to LGBTQ

Presidentus interruptus –Fear of impeachment

“These disorders can prove fatal to any organization, “per Dorinda Hackenback, Center for Disease Control spokesperson and longtime Brandon Township resident. “Sometimes they can be cured with a healthy dose of Sulfadenial, or Truthbetold but we haven’t seen that in the Trump administration.

“We did not have to research these disorders during Obama’s two terms. On January 20, this year we ramped up our efforts due to sudden outbreaks,” she shared.

Hackenback is pessimistic that cures can be found as funding for the CDC was drastically reduced by the House Committee on Science, citing priority budgeting to confirm that the Earth is flat.

Bonnie Beltramo



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