Suspect that hit deputy claims he was God

On Friday night Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna issued statements regarding the 30 minute, 22 mile pursuit that ended in the death on Nov. 23 of Oakland County Deputy Eric Overall. The suspect is a 22 year old Macomb County man who is currently jailed in Macomb County.

Overall is a 22 year veteran of the Oakland County Sheriff Department and was assigned to the Brandon Township Substation. He had also served as a Brandon School District Liaison Officer.

McKenna addressed the media from the Lapeer Sheriff Department.

At 11:41 p.m., Nov. 22, the subject pulled into the parking lot of the Lapeer County Jail, 3231 John Conley Drive in a blue car, exited the vehicle and entered the lobby of the jail. The suspect looked at the intercom buttons but did not push them, said McKenna.

“(Deputies at the jail) activated the video in the (jail) lobby and could hear the suspect say he was God and he was going to “break out one of his sons/followers,” said McKenna.

McKenna said the suspect also identified an individual in the jail by name. The jailed person was interviewed and said he knew the suspect but had no contact from him since summer.

Two deputies who were working at the jail, came out to investigate the suspect. However, the suspect left the jail and drove to the Thumb Correctional Facility which is nearby. The suspect told a deputy at the prison that, “he has claim on this land.” The suspect was referring to the land where the prison is located. The suspect then claimed it was “a violation of man made laws that he does not follow.”

The suspect, who had called 9-1-1 on his cell phone became frustrated then hung up claiming the dispatcher thinks he’s schizophrenic. The suspect then left the prison in his car and exited onto Lake Nepessing Road. The suspect entered westbound I-69 while Lapeer and Metamora deputies followed in the patrol car without their overhead lights on to de-escalate the situation, said McKenna.

“While on I-69 the deputies activated their emergency lights and the suspect pulls over near Hadley Road,” he said. “After the deputies approach the car the suspect makes a statement that he was ‘going to take his seat belt off and commit suicide by running into a tree.’ The suspect takes off and continues west on I-69.”

The subject traveled at posted speeds, used his blinker and exited I-69 at M-15, said McKenna.  The suspect then turned south on M-15 heading into Genesee County.

“The suspect was still traveling at very moderate and very controlled speeds,” he said. “The suspect was not crossing the line or swerving.”

The deputies called ahead and were informed Oakland County would deploy stop sticks. The deputies chasing the suspect stayed way back, said McKenna, because they knew the stop sticks were ahead at the intersection of M-15 and Seymour Lake roads. At that point Deputy Overall deployed the sticks and backed off the roadway into a grassy area.

“The suspect taps his brakes and makes a 90-degree turn and struck Deputy Overall,” he said.

After the vehicle went off the road into a grassy area, the Lapeer and Metamora deputies approached the vehicle, opened the door and made the arrest.  The deputies did not know Overall was there.

The deputies involved in the chase have been placed on paid administrative leave, said McKenna.

“This was hard on everybody,” said McKenna. “We are making sure justice is served. This was a deliberate act, there is no doubt in my mind.”

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