Blackhawks top Lake Fenton

By David Fleet
It’s a stat line for the ages.
That’s how sixth year Blackhawk Head Coach Brad Zube described the play of Blackhawk Senior Dylan Dickens who rushed for 351 yards rushing, threw for 47 yards and caught a 23 pass for 427 yards total offense and 4 touchdowns.
“He also punted and played corner in the 4th quarter,” said Zube. “The one stat you cannot measure is heart. Dylan Dickens showed the heart of a champion and his unwavering commitment to his teammates and football family.”
The Blackhawks rolled to a 48-40 win on the road against Lake Fenton with 427 yards rushing, 127 yards passing for 554 yards of total offense.
Senior Micah Miller completed 3 of 8 passes for 54 yards and one touchdown. Senior Dylan Dickens had 3 passes for 5 yards and 1 touchdown and Lance Briolat had 1 attempt for 26 yards and one touchdown.
Dickens carried the ball 40 times for 351 yards and 3 touchdowns, Senior Micah Miller rushed 3 times for 24 yards and 1 touchdown and Senior Gavin Greil rushed 9 times for 32 yards.
Dickens caught 1 pass for 23 yards, Sophomore Drew Hickmott caught 3 passes for 49 yards and 1 touchdown, Senior Gavin Greil received 1 pass for 14 yards and 1 touchdown. Senior Damon Warren snagged 1 pass for 26 yards and 1 touchdown.
On defense, Senior Gio Akrawi 10 tackles, Sophomore Mike Bolan 8 tackles, 2 sacks, Junior Wes Atkinson 7 tackles, Senior Gavin Greil 3 tackles and 1 interception and Senior Gino Tribuzio 5 tackles.
“The offensive line play was outstanding,” said Zube. “Guys were on a mission in the second half, Tribuzio, Morgan, Leigh, Johnson and Ferdon.
“So proud of this team and our staff. Refused to lose.

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