Brandon ‘Learn from home plan’

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon schools is presenting the community with their ‘Learn from Home’ plan for the fall, one of two options the district is making available to students.
“We basically have two things that we’re looking at right now,” said Dr. Matt Outlaw, district superintendent. “One, our in-person option and the other is our learn from home option.”
The school year is still currently under deliberation by school officials, lawmakers and parents following the closure of schools statewide in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The in-person option is still being debated. It may be normal with all students attending all days with some additional restrictions and screenings, or the district also put together a model of a socially distant school day with alternating in-person and virtual learning days. The district plans to have an in-person option solidified by July 31 so parents have time to think about the options before registration for the Brandon Learn From Home program deadline, which is Aug. 10.
“We’re going to listen to medical professionals and see what they recommend,” said Outlaw.
The learn from home option is available at and the website has sample schedules and structure options.

“There will be a component where there is some direct instruction as well as some guided practice,” said Dave Wyatt, Brandon high school vice principal and leader of the Brandon Learn From Home plan. “But the teacher, they will just be present for an hour, after their done giving their direct instruction and whatnot, they will be present, and as the kids are beginning to work on their own with the reading, the writing, the math, whatever, the teacher will be there to start answering questions. So that did make a few parents very excited.”
The learn from home option will also have accommodations for high school and middle school electives, such as choir, band, or wood working. Some students may choose to do a hybrid option and attend those classes in person, or, if they choose to do all virtual, instructors have been discussing ways to have those electives from home as well.
For more information, visit or the district encourages parents to call and ask questions.

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