Crime Watch Oct. 17, 2020

At 9:39 a.m., Oct. 12, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a larceny. Deputies met with the homeowner for a report of a stolen gun. The man stated that he last saw his handgun a few days prior, and noticed it missing on Oct. 12. He said that his cousin was staying with him for a few of those days and believes he may have taken the hand gun. Ammo was also taken. He stated that his cousin was a ‘shady character’ but that no one saw him take the gun. The missing items were entered into LEIN as stolen.
At 2:48 p.m., Oct. 12, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault. The complainant stated that her husband has been living in their mutual residence periodically for a few weeks and that this afternoon he came home to get car keys. She said the keys were in her waistband and refused to give them to him, which led to an argument in the garage. She said he picked her up and threw her into a locker that was located behind her. Their son entered the garage and witnessed the altercation. During that time, her husband obtained the keys and left the scene. Their son stated that his father’s eyes were dark in color and he was not acting normal, which scared him. The complainant stated that this was the first time he had ever physically assaulted her, however he had been verbally abusive lately. She said he had taken over her cell phone and email accounts. She said her husband has sent her a text prior to his arrival stating she is not allowed to deny him access to the house.

Drive with Care
At 8:34 p.m., Oct. 12, Brandon deputies were at a traffic stop on S. Ortonville Road at Glass Road when they observed a vehicle traveling northbound and driving on the shoulder. The vehicle drove off the roadway, into the ditch, and ran over a roadway sign that said ‘Drive with Care.’ The vehicle then re-entered the roadway and continued northbound. Deputies caught up to the vehicle at Wolfe Road and initiated a traffic stop. Upon stopping the vehicle, deputies noticed heavy front end damage, including a flat tire. Deputies spoke with the driver, who had been drinking, and he was given a preliminary breath test, resulting in a .038 blood alcohol level. Deputies checked and found that the driver’s license is currently suspended. He was issued citations for driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene and careless driving.
A few beers
At 8:03 p.m., Oct. 6, Brandon deputies observed a vehicle traveling westbound on Seymour Lake from Sashabaw roads. While driving behind the vehicle in their personal car, deputies watched them cross over the center line multiple times, almost striking oncoming vehicles. Deputies followed the driver to M-15 northbound and called for backup from other deputies. The vehicle pulled into a gas station, and deputies pulled in as well. Deputies approached the vehicle and asked for the driver’s license. As he was talking, deputies could smell a heavy odor of intoxicants coming from his breath. The driver stated he had several beers, at which time he was removed from the vehicle. There were several empty bottles and one full bottle of whiskey laying in the floorboard of the front seat passenger compartment. The man stated he drinks every day, all day. He was given field sobriety tests and a preliminary breath test, which resulted in .313 blood alcohol content. He was placed under arrest for operating while intoxicated and transported to the hospital for a blood draw and medical clearance. He was then transported and lodged at Oakland County Jail.

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