Crime Watch Oct. 24, 2020

Family trouble
At 7:36 a.m., Oct. 15, Brandon deputies responded to a request for assistance from another law enforcement agency. Dispatch advised the other agency was enroute to family trouble and that a juvenile had fled from the residence and was last seen in Brandon Township. Dispatch advised the juvenile had stated that they wanted someone to harm them as they were fleeing. Deputies were able to locate the juvenile without incident and hand them over to the other law enforcement agency.
Domestic assault
At 9:30 p.m., Oct. 14, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault that was no longer in progress. Upon arrival, deputies met with the caller who stated that her child’s father came to her residence to see their child. She said he became angry with her, physically assaulted her and broke belongings in her home. She stated he bent her hand back towards herself until she fell backwards onto the ground, then struck her with closed fists in the jaw. She stated this is the third time this has happened. A warrant was issued.
Aggravated assault
At 2:13 p.m., Oct. 18, Brandon deputies responded to a report of an aggravated assault. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the involved parties. The husband stated that he came into the kitchen and his daughter and wife were arguing. He stated he didn’t know why or what they were arguing about and that he told his daughter to leave. He stated that he slipped on the kitchen floor and bumped into his daughter, who in turn bumped into her daughter and she fell down. He stated this was not on purpose. He stated that his daughter grabbed a knife and held it up as she was facing him. He said his daughter threatened him but that he was not sure what the exact words were. He was in fear of his daughter so he grabbed two knives in self-defense.

He said at that point his wife grabbed their daughter’s hand and was able to get the knife out of her hand. The wife stated that her daughter and granddaughter had gone into the kitchen and that she had cleaned up her granddaughter’s room and that had started an argument. She said when her daughter grabbed the knife, she had a look on her face she had never seen before. The daughter stated that she had been cutting up a banana with the knife for her daughter when the argument started and that she still had the knife in her hands when she got bumped and turned towards her dad. The daughter was arrested for felonious assault.
Girl issues
At 2:14 a.m., Oct. 20, Brandon deputies responded to a report of an assault at a local establishment. Upon arrival, deputies determined that a fight had broken out between two males over a dispute about a girl. The victim was still at the scene and deputies noticed he had scrapes and bruising on his face. The victim smelled of intoxicants and was slurring his speech. He stated he was sleeping and doesn’t know what happened, but said he was harassed by the suspect all night inside the establishment about a girl. He said he had never seen the suspect before and didn’t know him and didn’t know why he was mad at him. Deputies spoke with one of the employees, who stated that the two men had been arguing back and forth with each other all night and that after several warnings, the two went outside and he heard a loud bang against the establishment door. He stated he went outside to investigate but couldn’t open the door because the victim was laying on the ground in front of it. Deputies brought the suspect back to the establishment and he also smelled of intoxicants and was slurring his speech. He stated the victim was a creeper and wouldn’t leave his ex-girlfriend alone. He said he doesn’t remember what happened in the parking lot. He was issued a citation for assault and battery.
At 11:28 a.m., Oct. 20, Brandon deputies initiated a traffic stop for speeding on Hadley Road. Deputies ran a check on the driver and found he had a warrant for domestic assault out of another jurisdiction. The man was arrested and turned over to Michigan State Police.
Group home assault
At 10:25 p.m., Oct. 13, Brandon deputies responded to a report of domestic assault at a group home. The caller stated that two men had assaulted him. He stated that they punched him in the mouth and that there was employee there to witness it. The employee stated that the two suspects had been arguing with the victim all afternoon and that the verbal argument continued to escalate. She stated she and other employees separated them by having the victim go to his room. At that point she said the victim left the room and began to yell at the suspects. She said the suspects then began to punch the victim repeatedly in the face and the victim did not strike back. Both suspects were given citations for assault.

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