‘Funds? aren’t hidden, but they aren’t obvious

‘Funds? aren’t hidden, but they aren’t obvious
Split that word in two and you get two 4-letter words. Neither of which stimulate the image of love, amour, baby, doll, mama or papa.
This year those seeking to remain in office or newly seeking an elected position have managed to turn more of us off than turn us on with the way-too-early campaigning.
Labor Day parades used to mark the beginning of the campaign season. What was it this time? A full year earlier? States are competing to see who can have the first primary election. At this rate by the year 2012 the first primary may well be the day after the inauguration.
That said, I’ll get to my first idea for this column, which has to do with slush funds, contingency funds, rainy day funds and let’s-hold-back-some-money funds so we can plead poverty, gain sympathy from the voters and get them to raise taxes.
Of course, we all know of the constituent preserving, spending habits of many in D. C. There’s the millions going for a rain forest in Iowa. Highways and bridges to nowhere, airports where there are no people and subsidies for saving things unwanted by all but two people in the entire north American continent.
Only on a slightly smaller scale we have Michigan’s rulers.
Recently Governor Jennifer said she was launching a campaign to attract three types of businesses to our state. She stated the number of millions of dollars she had available for this attraction.
A noncommittal, and uncooperative state senator’s office wouldn’t, or couldn’t, tell me the exact figure, but did say the money was probably in the Economic Development budget.
I assume, no, I know there are numerous such outfits in Lansing with similar million dollar budgets.
But, rather than reducing these budgets to a figure the common person might find reasonable, Gov. Jen suggests an increase in taxes. That’s after the state has increased various license, etc. fees to keep budgeted committees at full strength.
‘We must have more money to keep from cutting education costs!? Always include a plea for kids.
It ain’t just the current governor, of course. Former Gov. John built more funds than Taubman has malls, than the Taliban has tunnels and OPEC has oil wells.
Local governments have been good learners. Check budgets when they come out and see how much money has been set aside and ask how long to build a new hall for seniors, recreation centers, future technological needs, planning, unplanning and replanning.
Whether it’s schools, village, city, township, county, library, police, fire, roads, drains or parks you’ll likely find more than one ‘fund? with reserve capital in their budget.
It all sounds so right when it’s proposed. ‘After all, you never can tell when earthquakes, terrorists and meteors will strike our community. We must be financially prepared with reserve money. We can’t depend on voters to approve the building we want, I mean need.?
So often elected people won’t ask voters to approve projects. Why? Oh, of course, they might think additional taxes aren’t needed . . . just wanted.
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‘I will save the country $700 billion by the turn of the century, under my proposal to cap health care costs.? — Bill Clinton, Sept. 24, 1992