Get more bites, Lure Lipstick

By David Fleet
Brandon Twp.- From changing lures to moving to a better spot, sometimes fish just won’t bite.
But John Sullivan may just have the answer.
Sullivan is the owner of Lure Lipstick, a township company that produces an attractant used by sport anglers to up their odds of catching fish.
“I have hunted and fished all over the world,” said Sullivan. “Nothing works 100 percent, but Lure Lipstick produces more fish activity and that means more strikes.”
Lure Lipstick is on a proprietary blend of fish pheromones, natural oils, amino acids and salts. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by a fish which are capable of influencing the social behavior of other fish. These powerful substances play a role in the communication of fear, food trail and reproductive drive.
“When you’re fishing in brackish or murky water fish just can’t see a lure shining,” he said. “But they can smell, so when you apply Lure Lipstick to your favorite lure or artificial bait, it will increase your opportunities and up your odds, if you are a weekend fisherman or an ultra-competitive pro.”
The Lure Lipstick has a variety of products for all types of fishing whether on the ice, fresh or salt water created for a specific species from bluegills to walleye to salmon. Check out all the products

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