Interviews set for two open village positions

By David Fleet
On Sept. 25 the village council agreed during a special meeting at the village offices on candidates for the superintendent of public works and village administrator/clerk.
Four candidates for both DPW superintendent and village administrator were selected from a total of about 20 resumes received. Village labor attorney Timothy Winship of Grand Blanc, who coordinated the meeting with regards to the resumes announced the names of the candidates. The names had remained anonymous until the meeting.
The openings come after the council voted 3-2 in June to not renew the contract for village administrator/clerk Jakki Sidge and the resignation of DPW director Ethan Campbell in July. Last month council appointed DPW employee Matt Mayne as the interim superintendent.

The postings for both position were published in The Citizen newspaper and village Web site.
Then on Sept. 5, Mark Baldwin, village president, Tim Light, village council member, David Fleet, editor of The Citizen newspaper and Pat Schierup opened nine applications for village manager/clerk and six for village DPW director at the village offices. The names and personal information was redacted.
The candidates for the DPW position are Christopher DeBurge, Clarkston; Erin Christner, Burton; Richard Harshaw, Goodrich and Matthew Mayne, Millington. Each council member Winship will then review each question before selecting questions to be given to the applicant. The candidates for the village administrator/clerk, Sherry Wilkerson, Flint; Andrew Niedzinski, Bay City; Andrew J. Potter, Ortonville and Erica Armstrong, Goodrich.
“That went remarkably smoothly,” said Winship. “It’s a good sign you’ve got some obvious candidates that are the standouts. That’s a good situation to be in. I would like everyone to come up with five questions that are suitable to ask the candidates. I’m guessing we’ll have 15 to 20 questions.”
Mark Baldwin, village president said the village deputy clerk will contact the candidates for an interview time. After the interview a background and financial check will be conducted on the candidates.
If the position is not filled and an application is received it will be considered, added Baldwin.
The candidate will be interviewed for a half hour in a public meeting.
However, the other candidates will not be in the room at that time. At 6 p.m., Oct. 4 the DPW candidates will be interviewed and at 6 p.m., Oct. 12 for the village manager/clerk candidates.