Let’s do the time warp at Clarkston Elem.

Clarkston Elementary students took ‘A Walk Through Time? at a day long ‘Festival of History,? Friday, May 9.
Each student participated in four 45-minute workshops and attended two assemblies that explored various aspects of the 20th century from music and women’s rights, to space exploration and the history of medicine.
The two assemblies featured Mark Johnson, who presented a vaudeville-style act called ‘Emmy’s Cow,? and Sandra Hansen, with ‘Chewing Gum Junk Shop,? a parody on women in history.
To gear up for the ‘Festival of History,? students, in April, walked a historical time line that extended throughout the school, made from each students? footprints. From May 5-9, the kids were allowed to come to school dressed in ‘era? clothing.
The Clarkston Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) sponsors a festival annually to enhance the learning experience of the students in a particular subject area. This year’s ‘Festival of History? tied into the school’s accreditation focus on social studies through the North Central Association.